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2002.04.12, 11:11 PM
I have an idea about a turbo. I was thinking when I was driving my car around today that in some cases you actually don't need crazy ass power in a really technical course it could some times be a disadvantage.

So what if there was a turbo that had a dial or slide that could dial in how much power your motor would produce. guess it would be like a "boost controller" for the mini-z turbo(that would be soo sweet!). So like if it was a oval like course with lots of straights you could turn up your "boost" and get tons of power. If your on a very technical course then you could dial down your "boost" and have a better balance of power and handling.

I don't think there is a turbo out that can do this and I don't know what it would take to make an "after market" "boost controller" for an existing turbo on a mini-z. So would any of you guys know what would be needed to do so, or if anything like this is being designed ?

I just think it would be sweet to have a boost controller for a mini-z...

2002.04.12, 11:20 PM
kinda like an old esc right? but adjusted by hand. my dad has something similar on his RC10 (the original) :). they talked to me, and i had no clue who they were, but i just blocked 'em.:cool:

2002.04.12, 11:27 PM
I would rather not talk about that as it was really weird especially in a pulic forum....

Back to you topic at hand Yea I really feel a "boost controller" on a mini-z would be damn helpful, particulary for track specific tunimg.

2002.04.12, 11:31 PM
yeah it would be, now to end this. changed password. end o' story :D . but an adjustable turbo would be sweet! maybe you can dismantle one or ask drac:rolleyes: to do it and see if there is any little things to turn! hehe

2002.04.12, 11:38 PM
I know!!!! make a thingy for fet's and make it so you can attach and detach them easily! or is that a bad idea. sorry, i m an idiot with electronics! all i know is stick ur finger in the broken bulb and you get a cool feeling, but can hurt. :rolleyes: :p

2002.04.18, 11:50 PM
I think that would have something to do with a variable resistor, With either a small dial or a small slide to adj the resistance. I think that this could be done very easily, just where do you get small variable resistors(is that the right term?) from? correct me if im wrong!

2002.04.21, 09:34 PM
If you could find the control gate transistor that opens up the FET's then you could add a small varaible resistor to the gate input on it. This should (theoretically) allow you to control the amount of variance voltage (gate voltage) and if you minimize the voltage (which means turning up the resistance) then you would effectively be slowing down the maximum speed ...
Anyone have schematics...I could devise something....

2002.04.22, 12:58 AM
use a variable cap, they are hard to come by and fairly big ( about the size of a turbo). god this is pathetic, cant even think of how to explain what im thinking, and im in computer electronics at itt, just goes to show how much i pay attention in class. lol i will repost when i find a better answer

2002.04.22, 01:07 AM
ty I was thinking of a variable cap too but as you said they seem pretty large and I haev only read about them and never seen one so....

2002.04.22, 01:12 AM
ok ok, just had to read quick about it. a variable capacitor will be bigger, bulkier, way more, more expensive, harder to find, bla bla bla than a variable resistor which one for this application will be about the size of a FET. But the problem in using the resistor is that alot of the electricity that is being blocked from getting to the motor will be turned into heat, thus wasted. If you use a cap the energy that isnt allowed through will be stored til the cap can no longer hold anything then it will either pop or send all the current to the motor, either way you will have a blown cap. but if, sorry not in the mood to draw out a schematic and figure it out, the motor can draw enough current to keep the cap from being over loaded it will not pop and it will do what you are trying to do. more than likely im wrong in everything that i just said and im more than happy to have someone let me know what i said wrong. i think a variable resistor will work just how you want it to, but you will get the same run time as you do now since the electricity that is not being allowed through the resistor will be lost in heat.
Im not sure on what side you would want to put the resistor because it would be best to put them in series before they got to the turbo, my guess is one on both sides where you connect the wire to the battery, the reason for this is the turbo will try to push the electricity through the resistor if it is added between the turbo and the motor, this added stress will strain your turbo. Though in my own experiences if the turbo isnt getting enough power it will also start to heat up, strain, and might pop. I really hope someone else can shed some more light on this.

2002.04.23, 07:34 PM
Yes, the cap applies itself theoretically in the situation you stated but I think you have misread my suggestion...I am not using the variable resistor (pot) to control the Output Current & Voltage but rather at t he input of the FET vontroller. You see a FET carries through the main voltage and amperage draw (thats what its built to do) but the amount it carries thru is determined by the controller (normally a transistor, sometimes a discreet component) oopening up the gate on the FET/s. this determines the speed of the car....hence if you use a variation circuit at this point, you will find (theoretically) that you are controlling both the acceleration rate and maximum speed of the car by limiting or opening the vari resistor .... Thus ends todays lesson on gate control .... :)

2002.04.23, 08:25 PM
lol, thank you. like i said i dont know much even though ive taken 3 college electronics classes. I was hoping that someone (like you) with more knowledge than i had would correct me, thank you.

2002.04.23, 11:17 PM
I think I would rather go for a futaba or some digital controller that lets me adjust the full trottle.
That way I can lend my car to friends who can't drive for nuts and yet my car is still safe from harm. I'll just set it to a very slow speed *grin*

2002.05.23, 07:01 PM
theoretically a turbo is bunch of parallel circuits, correct.

if so then why not get a handfull of wires and do your own,

then when you want to turn it down you just take some wires off

and when you take all it goes back to stock

if my understanding of a turbo is correct

2002.05.24, 02:02 AM
ehhhh..... No!

2002.06.10, 08:17 PM
I work fo a company that builds SMT devices such as bug detectors, so I have acces to pretty much any resister, capacitor, thermistor, etc. I am probably way off on this, but couldnt you put like a adjustable pot or something similiar on the turbo. Like connect the pot in series on the input wire for the turbo (I think the wire that draws the power from the batteries?). That way you could up the "boost" (lower resistance) by turning the pot clockwise, and lower the boost (raise the resistance) by turning the pot counter-clockwise. It would be exactly like a manual boost controller for a real car.

(BTW, I just program the robotic assembly line. I'm not the engineer, but I could ask an electrical engineer who I work with)

2002.06.10, 09:45 PM
pot = resistance = waste of battery power...

use a Dip switch and switch between the "modes" hehe Fast, Faster, and what the hell was that...

2002.06.11, 03:09 AM
I would agree with drac. It should be easy to wire in a bypass for the turbo and have on off switch that turns the turbo on and off.

But then also if you installed your turbo carefully with nice plugs its probably not hard to remove it completely.

Using a variable resistor is a waste of battery power, but in a race does it matter? Surely your batteries would at last the race easily..