View Full Version : DIY AAA discharger???

2006.12.03, 11:39 PM
I use a Trinity D-90 for my IB4200's, but i want to cycle my IB750 AAA's that i use for my mini-z and the products that are out there, such as the PN Racing discharger board are of inconsistent quality and function as dictated by my recent posts about it.

I have a nice digi multimeter and some ability. I know there has to be something in writing on how to use maybe some bulbs, resistors, diodes, a pot and some breadboard to make a nice discharger.

Is there anything out there that i can make that would have a 1amp discharge rate and cutoff at .9 or .7 volts, individually? I'd like to do 4 cells at once time, but bring each down individually to a cutoff voltage.


2006.12.04, 05:18 AM
I bought a Maha MH-C801D battery charger a couple months ago. It has a battery conditioning system that is supposed to discharge and recharge automatically to optimize battery performance. It will charge AA and AAA batteries, even at the same time. I have not used the conditioning system to discharge/recharge since I was using the PN discharger. Your investigation into the PN discharger function/performance has added to my concern about it. I am going to start using the Maha exclusively now for discharging and charging. Just ordered a multimeter and intend to learn how to use it to verify what is going on. You can look at the Maha charger and evaluate at Thomas Distributing. I value your opinion and would be very interested in your assessment.