View Full Version : broken servo wires/cheap shock upgrade

2006.12.04, 10:24 AM
I got tired of breaking stock servo wires so I took 4 extra motor wires and replaced the small stock wires with heavier duty motor wires.Had to do a bit of cutting on the case and electronics cover to make extra room but man what a difference! Also I notices that if you double up stock springs on the stock shocks it really helps out on jumping! just need 4 extra springs to do this mod. I'm running a rear spool in the truck so i can flip back onto my wheels by hitting reverse if i land on my side also.

just a few tips


2006.12.04, 11:51 AM
I had some brittle wires on an 01 I just built as well. I split open an old Cat5 ethernet cable and used 4 of the wires from inside. It works great and these wires are made to bend and flex without breaking. You can also do the LSSM mod to the monster the same way people are doing it to the OLs. Once you have the longer travel, you can use a smaller diameter spring inside the stock spring. Springs from cheap ink pens work great and will give a dual rate effect to the suspension.

2007.03.29, 04:01 PM
I just repaired my servo wires with AWG24 wire. It was a bit difficult to install them, since I have the front aluminum servo case, and cant cut into the case itself. Worked out fine eventually though.
Didnīt think of ethernet cable when I did it, but I suppose it would be easier to use.