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2006.12.04, 12:48 PM

not only does it not charge one random cell in a one random slot, but it discharges indefinately, so you can not leave the batteries on there. It will discharge to .4 or more even tho it claims a .7V cutoff.

With only 3 bulbs, you can't discharge one cell or atleast see what it's doing w/o a multimeter, so the one cell that doesn't discharge in the first process is unable to be discharged....

what gives?

thanks for any response.

2007.02.04, 10:47 PM
Hey dude,

This is Sinister_Y. I not officially linked with PN, but did get to ask Philip (owner of PN racing) directly tonight regarding your question. He was here in Toronto, Canada racing in our Toronto Championship race and we all went for dinner afterwards. Enough about me...

The PN discharger does feature individual discharging. Those white things under the board are the actual dischargers. He couldn't think of the English name for them and I don't speak Chinese, except for food. Anyway, they are hooked to the cell individually. The LEDs which you see flashing and slowly, slowly fade away are hooked to a pair of cells. This LED circuitry is independant of the actual discharger circuitry. The LED are used as an indicator of how much juice is left in the cells. The actual discharger circuit cuts off discharge at 0.7V (and again is independant of the LED light system). So, you can leave your cells in this thing overnight or whatever. Philip also said that when the LEDs go out, your cell is around 0.9V or so.


2007.02.06, 03:34 PM
Shawn, that white thing he didn't know the word for is a resistor. I think it was a 10ohm 5watt if I remember correctly.