View Full Version : eMail Working OK?

2002.04.13, 09:45 AM
I eMailed a request for parts yesterday, not sure if y'all got it or not.
Should I send it again, or just wait?

2002.04.13, 03:43 PM
Give him time to read all of his emails... ;) he has lots of them.

I send two or three even... mine are kind of a nuesance to him though.. hehe, so his replies take a while.

2002.04.13, 06:21 PM
Sorry Cheezedog, the parts you enquired about were scheduled to arrive yesterday, so I was going to email you back once we ensured that they had arrived, but now it looks like the shipment isn't going to be here until Monday.

2002.04.13, 07:32 PM
No sweat. The guy that I bought the used Z from is being difficult, so I'm sure the parts I get from here will get here before the car does, anyhow...