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2006.12.06, 01:25 PM
The track we are going to be running in PA is way bigger than anything I have ever run. I have really been thinking about my setup options for this one. The straightaway is three tiles wide and about 15-16 tiles long. I am sure I can top out any of my cars on that much track, and I am wondering if I am going to be getting passed like I am standing still. I have a few options for cars and I would welcome any input.

Option 1: Run Open with a Nelly'd AWD

This is already setup to run I would (98mm) I would probably have to dial it down to get through the course consistantly. I would just run my HFAY (MR02) car for stock.

Option 2: Remove Nelly and use 4562's

I could remove the Nelly (I don't use it much anyway) and place 4562's on the AWD. Hopefully this will still be fast enough to not lose time on the straight.

Option 3: Run the open class with my AD Band MR02

This is appealing beacause the AD car is so responsive. I would be using an Atomic Standard motor. I could probably get away with something a little hotter. If I do this, I am left with another option. I could run stock with the AWD (with stock FETs) or with my HFAY car (known good performer)

I guess what I am really trying to do is decide how much I want to experiment with different setups/chassis. The safe thing to do would be to use my two MR02s for both classes. I want to do well but I also want to get an AWD into the mix to see how it does.

I guess I just need to put my laptimer back together and try to run some laps with all different setups...

2006.12.06, 01:26 PM
Oh yeah,

I guess I would like to hear what other people are using for their setups and maybe even keep this post open after the event for people to report back what worked and didn't work.

2006.12.06, 04:47 PM
i was thinking about running my dcps awd. since i'm moving to awd for hfay season 3 i need to get as much time in with awd as possible. i have my new hfay awd but i've learned my lesson to limit it's use to when it's needed after neko con. the other option is my hfay stock car. this will be my hfay awd backup starting season 3. i assume i'll stick with the atomic standard and 8 t pinion.

i'm thinking 3010 fet pan car. the pan car leave no room for mistakes at the rails though and this track is LONG. last time i actually found it hard to judge corners at the far sides. also need to consider motor/pinion choice for this one.

their f1 sounded very similar to the setup i already have so no change there.

2006.12.06, 05:43 PM
Stock Racer:

575 GTC, MR02, 3004 fets, Rayovac 750s, bearings, alloy 0degree knuckles, PN Speedy BB (PN handout) 8 or 9 tooth pinion, worn 8s on front, 8s with tread on rear, all else stock.


Panasonic Toyota, 3010 fets, Rayovac 750s, bearings, alloy 0degree knuckles and 0degree tie rod, 23degree fronts, 20 degree rears, middle screw removed from suspension plates, forward screws 1 turn loose, PN Speedy BB (PN handout) 9 tooth pinion, all else stock.


I'll find out tomorrow night at Gasman's... :rolleyes:

2006.12.06, 07:19 PM
Maybe I'll just leave everything as is and run quals with my AD Band and the Nelly'd AWD.

imx I don't usually run tires that are that sticky. I am a big fan of the Atomic 20's up front and the rears change a little bit based on the track. I am running a McLaren body though so that might be the difference.

Can't decide if I should bump up to the 3010's for the F1. I'll decide this weeke though.

And Arch, you're right, the Pan car is trouble when it comes into contact with the rails. I have two taht I would love to drive just because they look cool but I think I am sticking to the trusty murci.

2006.12.06, 08:36 PM
Spoon, good question. When ive had time , im trying different set-up with my awd and mr-02 chassis. Now i still dont know what to run. :eek: I think im more confused then if i let them alone. :( Its hard to tell when im running on my home track (alittle over 2 wide Ls), and trying to set them up for a bigger track. :o

2006.12.06, 08:54 PM
Tell me about it, my home track is a Mini-96. There is really no way to use that to test for the large track. I have access to 2 L's about once a week but I am usually trying to get the races going.

2006.12.07, 09:40 AM
Okay, I woke up this morning and had a clear vision of what I should do. I removed the Nelly from the AWD and went back to the 3010 FETs. I put my bada$$ corvette body and I am going to see how it runs with the Atomic AWD Stock.

Now I should have two cars that can compete in the stock class. I'll try to get some timed tuns in on both and see how they do. I may move to the AWD for HFAY anyway so this is a good way to start tuning it.

Side Note: One thing that's really cool is that I can use my oldest nose clip with my newest Mini-Z body. The C5r was my first Z about 2 years ago and here I am going back to that body. A newer, non-bashed up version...but the same nonetheless.


2006.12.07, 10:58 AM
Just figured I'd post these here as a quick reference...

2006.12.07, 12:45 PM
Cool, I have been meaning to ask. Are we running the Mains for the same duration as HFAY...8 Minutes? and how long will the Quals be?

2006.12.07, 01:43 PM
all 8 minute races

2006.12.15, 10:05 AM
Ok... my racer changed since last night.

Acura Takata NSX, MRO2 3004 fets, 8 degree tires all around (worn fronts), alloy wheels, chunk 'o' foam rear suspension, stock H-plate old Xspeed motor, 8 tooth pinion, GPM diff.

Ran this one last night on a whim... found out it's an absolute demon for some reason.

Was tuning an MM for this event, trying out an old disk dampener I had... this car runs excellent as well, I was gonna fet it for the Outlaw class, but decided to let GTA.45 use it for the weekend.

(yay... I finally tuned an MM perfectly !)

Might throw a fet stack on something else tonight for Outlaw... gave up on my AWD... no time to get it together.

2006.12.15, 09:15 PM
Couple of chassis comming. Mr-02 and awd. Got NO idea what the heck im running!! :eek: :confused: ;)