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2006.12.08, 06:56 PM
Not sure if this can be here cuz it's not a mini-z chassis but I thought I'd share anyways.


body and wheels arrived today so I modded the axles to at least get the wheels on (was too excited). Tomorrow I may start airbrushing the body. General paintscheme is something like this...


you can see the green paint in the background of the first pic. Anywho, just sharing my goodies with the crew. Ciao!

2006.12.08, 07:04 PM
nice looking car there, is that a Mini-Z body? I see that it isd sitting on an X-Mod EVO chassis. Cant wait to see pics of it finished.

2006.12.08, 07:07 PM
it IS a mini-z body...the mzb30. But it's not an EVO chassis. Just a gen1. Can't wait to start painting. The front mount is going to be easy, it's the rear one that will be a bit tricky.

Thought I'd add a couple more pics


2006.12.09, 11:15 AM
alright, body mounts are done (i know, posting a bunch of times, etc. etc.)

body actually mounted, not just sitting on it

What my modified stock supra mount now looks like

the rear mount I created by combining the stock rear mount and a rear axles upright (I think that's what it is called).

so, that's where I'm at. Not too shabby of a job if I do say so myself. It's clean, not hot-glued and the spoiler will hide those two screws holding the rear mount. Oh and these are temp, I'm going to make an aluminum front and rear mounts soon enough. Just wanted to see what it needed to work and now I can just take the plastic parts and copy them into metal. Thanks for looking.

2006.12.09, 01:43 PM
couldn't help myself lol


2006.12.09, 02:33 PM
someone is gonna ban me for posting this much...

I just couldn't help but share this pic. I don't mean to toot my own horn but that's a DANG nice finish for only my second time with an airbrush ;) Notice the detail, you can see the flowers on my curtains and the trees and mountain in the background. I almost don't want to drive my car with this body on, but I will :D


2006.12.09, 02:36 PM
Looks good so far!


2006.12.09, 02:45 PM
looks great, what other colors are you going to use?

2006.12.09, 02:47 PM
black top and hood, possibly paint the vents in the hood green as well. Haven't decided if I am going to use the wing that comes with it or not, it's quite big and gawdy. I'll have to see, maybe big and gawdy will go with the in your face paint color.

2006.12.09, 02:48 PM
We're not gonna BAN you, its your thread!


2006.12.09, 10:49 PM
We're not gonna BAN you, its your thread!

besides that, your posts are spread out, not just a few minutes appart, so you should be OK. :D colors looking good so far. be sure to get a good clear coat on it.

2006.12.10, 12:07 AM
I'm going to be doing another coat of green. I've never done clearcoating before. Gonna pick up some tamiya clear tomorrow. Do I thin it out like the paint or spray it as is?

2006.12.10, 12:36 AM
if you are using an airbrush I would thin it so you get a better dpray pattern.

2006.12.10, 09:33 AM
so it is ok to thin clearcoat? Good to know, that's what I'll do then. I'm worried about putting another coat of green on here in case I lose my nice finish, but because a couple of spots aren't as heavy as the rest (ie behind the mirrors) it has to be done.

2006.12.10, 03:45 PM

I haven't slept since I got off work at 7am and in my haste a couple of things went bad...

1) didn't let the final coat of green dry long enough (it did sit for over two hours)
2) because of #1 not only did I leave a small fingerprint on one of the doors that doesn't quite want to disappear but the masking tape I used also left it's impression lol
3) a part of the masked off area lifted without my noticing and now there is some black on the fender
4)same as 3 but at the front of the hood, so now it looks jagged.

I'm pretty sure I can fix all of these either with brushed touch-ups or saying "fook it" and masking the black after it's completely dry and shooting it with some more green. Either way, it's not that big of a deal to me simply because this is going to be a drivers body not a shelf queen and it's gonna get roughed up anyways.

2006.12.10, 11:22 PM
or you could do what I do when these things happen with my 1/10 scale cars.................Cover it up with sponsor decals :D

2006.12.11, 12:41 PM
lol, I touched it up as best I could without making it look touched up. She's got a medium coat of clear on now. Prolly add another 2 medium coats tonight and tomorrow. Not sure on dry times with this stuff. I'm anxious to get it together and mounted back on the body but since my EP is sketchy as all heck there's no point rushing things.

2006.12.11, 01:21 PM
lol, I touched it up as best I could without making it look touched up. She's got a medium coat of clear on now. Prolly add another 2 medium coats tonight and tomorrow. Not sure on dry times with this stuff. I'm anxious to get it together and mounted back on the body but since my EP is sketchy as all heck there's no point rushing things.

you could use a hair dryer with a clean (not hairy or dusty) prefilter to heat this thing up a bit and speed up the drying process. i use a hair dryer all the time when i paint my lexan stuff...it helps greatly.

2006.12.11, 01:47 PM
I dunno if my wifes hairdryer has a prefilter. She's a stylist so it might, thanks for the tip.

2006.12.11, 01:55 PM
i too use a hairdryer to speed the paint drying process. nothing extreme of for too long, just to get the surface hardened a bit quicker so its not as delicate

2006.12.11, 01:57 PM
I have a portable desk lamp that I will lower right over the top of the body. it's almost a perfect fit. and the light bulb creates enough heat to speed up the drying process. it works really good.

2006.12.11, 04:34 PM
I dunno if my wifes hairdryer has a prefilter. She's a stylist so it might, thanks for the tip.

most do, it's like a screen that pops or unscrews off at the intake for the dryer. Many times they collect dust and hair which can slip thru...

2006.12.11, 07:10 PM
thought i'd add a couple more pics here. I did this VERY carefully and the clear had been drying for 7 hours.

no wing


2006.12.11, 10:51 PM
that looks really good. just add lights and speed :D

2006.12.12, 04:09 AM
paint job looks awesome.

2006.12.12, 09:15 AM
Thanks Ninja, lights are in the works. Front is going to be more difficult than the rear due to the fact that the light buckets angle back so much. Speed isn't a problem, I can't even get it up to full speed in a 20' length in my kitchen. And that's with a fried EP with crappy range.

2006.12.12, 11:20 AM
update: added some waterslide decals, some metal decals (all from a Skyline model kit I bought) and added the second (possibly final) coat of clear over everything. If you are wondering about the black dots, well I have no explanation other than my airbrush wasn't as clean as I had originally hoped.


2006.12.12, 07:58 PM
Sexy. ;) Just don't forget the front fender vents.

2006.12.12, 08:38 PM
as a said before BC, beautifully done

2006.12.12, 11:50 PM
thanks again Nismo

front fender vents, I'll get right on that ;)


2006.12.13, 01:50 AM


2006.12.13, 12:11 PM
:eek: I like it ... alot!! Till now, I've never liked this version of the Fairlady, but this one is really fabulous.

2006.12.13, 01:38 PM
Thanks Mini-zracer. I didn't really like the front fender styling with how the wide body is but after paint, it's grown on me.

2007.02.01, 06:58 AM
Nice job on that. Took me awhile to see all those pictures.

2007.02.01, 08:45 AM
Very sharp, what offset wheels are those?

2007.02.01, 09:57 AM
Thanks guys, the rims are a front (narrow) +2.5 and rear (wide) +1

2007.02.27, 09:03 AM
That's really nice, great work!