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2006.12.09, 12:45 AM
Just picked up a used F-1 Panisonic Toyota that has 3004 fets and a Speedy 05 motor. Upgrades to front end include Alloy knuckles and steering plate. I intend to put a stock motor back in and upgrade the fets to 3010s.

The problem - The pinion gear is trashed, not sure if the differential gear is still good (I'll know in a couple of days when I can look at it under magnification) After a quick look, I don't see how the gear mesh is adjusted. Is there an adjustment mechanism? Running a stock motor do I need an after market differential? What gearing is recommended for RCP? Is there somewhere I can download the owners manual/parts graphics blowup? Appreciate the assistance. I would like to get it running asap.

2006.12.09, 07:28 AM
Take a look at your motor mount plates that you use to fit them snug to the rear motor tray...you'll notice that they have an offset shape to them(one side has more material than the other). Depending on which pinion you use, you can align that offset to get the gear mesh correct...it takes some fiddling but it's not hard.

As for gearing for RCP track it really depends on the size and layout...small pinion for twisty course that requires quick acceleration and bigger gears for a more open layout. ;)

2006.12.09, 11:15 AM

Let me know if you didn't get the motor pinions spacers. If not I'l get them from lynn and send them out to you.

2006.12.09, 01:25 PM
Cowboysir - I'll take a look at that tonight, thanks for the info.

Brian - There were not any extra parts with the car. I get the impression from Cowboysir they are installed as part of the motor mount. I'll take a good look tonight.

How about an exploded view of the F-1 showing assembly/adjustment/parts breakdown? Anyone know where I can find one?

2006.12.09, 02:30 PM
the ones that are instaled are for the 8 or 9 tooth pinions. if you are going to use the 6 or 7 tooth you'll need a different set. if you don't have these and need them let me know and I'll get you some.

2006.12.09, 03:06 PM
F1 Manual download: http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/pdf/minizformula_m.pdf

It includes an exploded view of the car, as well as lots of other info you'll find handy. Congrats on your purchase, you'll find that the F1 is one of the most rewarding Z's to drive around.

Gear selection will depend on track layout, but if you really want it running well, good tires should be number one on your list. For my car, 20R and 30F seems to work pretty well on RCP. And the opinions on whether or not you need something other than the stock diff for a stock motor is varied. I just upgraded to a ball diff recently, and the adjustment and smoothness is nice, but a grease-packed stock diff seems to work really well for some of the local racers too. I believe you can still be competetive with a stock diff, if that's the answer you're after.

2006.12.11, 12:10 PM

Can you send me your info, Lynn told me he forgot you give you some of the extras and will send them to you. sorry for the inconvienence.

2006.12.12, 05:14 PM
Fish - Perfect! That is exactly what I needed to give me the general knowledge to work on and order parts for the F-1. Thanks

Brian - Just emailed my mailing address to Lynn and copied you in. I do need a set of "motor guides" so I can change the pinion size. I will be putting in a stock motor for now and would like to run a 7 or 8 tooth pinion. Looked for the "motor guides" on Mini-z under F-1 with no success. Thanks for your concern and involvement.

Just a thought - The "motor guides" wouldn't be the same as used on the MA-010 would they?