View Full Version : Looking Ahead...Jan/Feb 2007 Series

2006.12.13, 09:55 AM
We are starting to generate som momentum with the Mini-Z racing. We have a consistent crew of 4-6 drivers comeing out each week with at least one person taking the demo car for a spin.

This is what I am thinking for the next set of races. 6 Races total, two weeks on, one week off.

Race 1 - January 2
Race 2 - January 9
Practice Day - January 16
Race 3 - January 23
Race 4 - January 30
Practice Day - February 6
Race 5 - February 13
Race 6 - February 20

I am thinking we could use the practice days for different things...

follow the leader
very short (10 lap) 2 car heats
HFAY Time Trials
Some sort of skill builder drill

bnwhitlw, if you or anyone else has any input, let me know.