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2006.12.13, 09:20 PM
After seeing the endurance race that Atomic won, and the race being held in Germany.. We want to host some sort of Mini-Z Endurance race.

It would be great to get some of the other Mini-Z racers to come to Phoenix. I don't think it would be hard to get Phillip @ PN to help sponsor the race, etc.. We have alot of track and a driver's stand @ SpeedWorld that would allow us to set-up a very large track.

I would like to hear ideas/suggestions on making this a great event that could attract racers from elsewhere..


2006.12.15, 09:27 AM
We here in AZ are trying to find out what kind intrest may be out there.

HOODS HOBBIES has mega space available at speedworldscalespeedway.com
the space on the front streach of the 1/4 scale oval is approx. 35' x 80'
and there is plenty of rcp available. MINIAZ now has about 8 consistant drivers and about 4 or 5 others that have shown intrest.

There has been people looking at the previous post please give us a little feedback so we can try and prepare something for the future


2006.12.15, 10:31 AM
while i am interested in the idea, making the event attractable to people enough to intice them to travel is the key element and the most difficult. i doubt you wold have trouble hosting a local event. the german club has the benifit of having 2 years behind them and building.

i have been talking about a domestic version of the same thing with mini-z and to me it comes down to what can the event offer that will attract more than just locals and immediate regional people? i see no reason why this could not be as big as the german event, it just needs to have that same level/feeling of enormity if you follow.

for example, i would even consider traveling to germany for the event next year but i would not travel to az for what would end up likely being a bunch of locals and toss in a few of the die hard west coast guys. there just isn't that same level of presence behind it.

i do hope that this event can be held and i do wish it to be very successful as i would much prefer travling domestically vs. interntional. if there is anything i could do to help, please email me. :)

2006.12.15, 05:27 PM
I will try to get ahold of the LA racers and see what it would take to get them to travel. I would like to hear from SLC and the Colorado group to see if there may be some interest in traveling to an event. Maybe even the Houston group? These are the close groups that I know about. Any one else interested?

I guess if we ran it annually we may get more interest for people traveling. It may take a while to catch on, but if people see pics of everyone having a good time it may get them to attend the next one.

Here is another idea for you..
We come up with a large track that we can set-up on both coasts, and run it in two or more locations under the same rules similiar to HFAY.. I know they are talking about running Big Track HFAY events, this could be some kind of Endurance HFAY event?

Just throwing around ideas, I would really like to hear any ideas that people have to make it more exciting. Things that would make you want to attend.

2006.12.16, 12:04 AM
@Hood - such an endurance race is a great experience for all participants. Of course some time is needed for preparation such an event, but I can tell it's worth the efforts ...
We just do it once or twice a year, so it should stay somehow special.

@arch2b - you're completely right here. Having enough racers who want to participate is key. So you have to spend quite some time on the taking care for the drivers. You're also right in your concern, that the organisation needs to take care, that the event needs be manged in a professional manner - otherwise there will be no second event ...
I might also consider travelling to the US for such an event if the event would have a proper level of presence (and the airfares are not too expensive :D )

My recommendation: despite some concerns - just do it .... if you're willing to spend quite some heartblood in managing such an event ! It's real fun and helps to develop a better Mini-Z community.



Davey Jones
2006.12.16, 08:56 PM
Davey, from Rocky Mountain Xtreme RC Racing.
we would be interested in the race.
Its depends on dates. Do you have
some rules. Would it be a team racing.
Like two or three drivers switching off?

So you have one racing and the others
in the pits getting parts for the car ready
for the next driver.
Faces for endurance race- :cool: :) :rolleyes: :o :eek: :(

2006.12.17, 12:56 AM
As Avant put it, you have to have deicated and orgnized people. Sure we have a good mini-z community but If there is not much organization to it people won't enjoy the event and will be less likely to show at the next one. The mini-z community in Europe just from what I've seen has large groups in different countries. The U.S. unfortunately doesn't have the large groups and custom tracks per state. We are all one big group so to speak so any event like this is most likely to be at a friendly competative level rather than a commercial level.

Now if you were to get sponsors to back and host the event I can see more participation but again it boils down to people knowing what they are doing to make it a smooth enjoyable event.


2007.01.15, 11:34 AM
This will be a hour long event at SpeedWorld on a very big track. I will get images posted shortly of the layout. I am hoping to use this event to get pics of the facility and large RCP track for helping to promote our Enduro Event. It should give us a better idea of using the space at SpeedWorld, and what would need to be done to accomodate a large event.

Anyone interested in coming to AZ on January 27th?

2007.01.15, 03:09 PM
Try to get manufacturer's support and make the event 12 hours or so long. These are the most important factors I believe to draw interest. I might even be able to make it out there with or without the team to race, but not for a short 3 or 4 hour race. It has to be Epic and creative... The one in Vitoria this year had pace cars, rain stage, night stage, and all were kept secret from the racers, only the organizers knew when things were going to happen.

BTW, before anyone says anything, the rain stage consisted of low grip tires for the cars, not actual water.

2007.01.15, 03:17 PM
that actually sounds like an awsome idea!

i wish i could do something like that with our club.

2007.01.15, 03:30 PM
Well you either have to do it at a friendly "come on out and race for 12 hours" which will be the easiest or try to get the big companies to sponsor an event. I'm with CT though you have to do it in either a tournament style or endurance. I'm all about an endurance race. When I get to Texas I plan on visiting arch2b and the D.C. crew so it can't be that hard to attend such an event. I mean c'mon it's not like you need a passport ;).


2007.02.14, 09:38 AM
The driver's stand provided excellent visibility. Some racers were concerned about the far parts fo the track but after the event all of them were convinced that the visibility was excellent.

We were also concerned about the banking, but it made for some uphill parts, offcamber, etc.. Drivers actually asked to make a fast off-camber corner in my next layout.

Here is a video of the big track, and more pictures in this thread about our AZGT series.



More info to come as we plan our Enduro race.

2007.02.14, 12:19 PM
Nice layout on that huge track.

the video is great too. I wish I could have been there.

2007.02.14, 01:09 PM
Woa mamma.... That's some track.

Are you planing on putting together a 12 hr event? Is it going to be outside?

If so, what dates are you shooting for? I may be able to put a team together to come out.

We've never done and endurance event. How many drivers on a team?

2007.03.04, 11:40 AM
I have a beautiful facility in Fresno, CA I would love to host a enduro race. It is indoor , it is 4,700 sp. facility that is very will lit and is heated and cooled. The surface is not rcp it is CRC carpet. I we use the amb system or I could get the giro z Just let me know what is a good time to do this. Email at jbenthobbies@comcast.net YOu can check out the indoor facility at jbhobbies.net

2007.08.30, 03:37 PM
We have decided to run the Enduro together with our PN WorldCup Qualifier. Hopefully this will entice some people that were showing interest to travel to Phoenix on September 29th and 30th..

We are running the Six Hour Enduro inside the Porsche Garage @ Don Jackson Enterprises.

We have alot of things planned to make this a special event. More Info is available @ HoodsHobbies.com