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2001.11.30, 06:34 PM
how do you install the rear shock???

2001.11.30, 08:05 PM
screw one end into the top of the chassis and the other into the 'A' motor mount. The shock won't work for the 'B' upright mount. You have to take the motor case off the 'A' mount and screw the black balljoint holder through the little hole in the top of the motor mount.

check the pic:


Not the greatest pic for the rear shock, but it's all I have right now :)


2001.11.30, 08:43 PM
thats not the easiest job for me (i have no idea what i am doing) i will try though. thank you

2001.11.30, 08:53 PM
This is RCRM rare damper installation instruction.
I'm not sure which brand you have, but I think they're more or less the same.
Hope this helps:)

2001.11.30, 09:01 PM
egriffith45: I think I read in another post that you have a Vitz, which is motor mount B (high); GPM does make a shock that will work with this, part number MZ313CS.

2001.12.01, 06:19 AM
Is there any way to change the motor mount from high to low?

2001.12.01, 07:36 AM
yes, if you buy a new body, there isn't enough room for the lower mount in the Vitz body. Of you could hack some room out with a dremel, but that would be ugly ;)


2001.12.03, 01:24 AM
hi russ... saw the pic... but what was that spur gear suck onto your motor? doesn't look stock... how many teeth?

2001.12.03, 01:47 AM
hi egriffith45 - i've got a vitz too... but it was quite unfortunate that when i bought it, i found out that you could put very little kyosho hop up options with the mid chasis and high motor mount set up...

couldn't put on the kyosho rear shock, but i was able to put on the roll shock after i made a replacement for the carbon top bracket out of some plastic.

i've also attached some tamiya mini4wd lead weights with some double sided tape in the front bulkhead and under the rear motor mount for some stability.

here's a pic.

2001.12.03, 09:01 AM
Hehe, that was my ghetto 12T pinion setup. The 12T itself wouldn't grab the motor shaft, so I had to glue another gear to the inside of it so it would grab the motor shaft and not spin, but guess what, it started doing that anyway.


2001.12.04, 01:13 AM
russ... how'd you put in a 12T spur gear in there? did you use any kyosho spacers in the motor mount? and what body do you put on it?

2001.12.04, 08:26 AM
I used a 12T pinion, not a spur gear. I used a 40T spur gear so there would be enough room for a 12T pinion.:) even then you have to use the 1.5mm spacer under the motor. I think in that picture it was setup for my yellow porsche carrera body, but I usually run my black subaru WRX body.


2001.12.04, 09:01 PM
pinion... spur...:D i guess its all that gluey smell around here... hehehe... just kidding... thanks...:D