View Full Version : Non-toxic tire traction compound for carpet tracks?

2006.12.14, 02:53 PM
Hey guys,

I've seen several discussions on preferred traction compounds for racing cars on carpet. Many discuss their dislike of the odor of some such as Paragon Ground Effects, and even of the so-called "odorless" formulations too.

Then, some use high spf suntan lotion as well.

I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could answer:

1. I want to use something to improve traction using the STOCK rubber tires on carpet. Is there anything without a strong smell or toxic ingredients that can be used?

2. If only strong chemicals will improve traction on stock rubber tires, then what item will work well with FOAM tires? Is suntan best with foam tires only?

3. I'd like to find a substance which will need to be reapplied every few minutes during an endurance race (every 10-20 minutes for example-batteries will also be changed when needed). Reason is that I'd like to simulate stock car racing where the car has to pull over and tires will need to be changed with those that have the pre-applied traction substance. Then, the team will apply the substance to the newly removed tires and allow it to get tacky and ready for the next tire change. This will involve a team of about 2-3 people per car to work together.

Your input would be greatly appreciated...