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2006.12.15, 12:16 AM
Hey, I just tried to place an order at the shop here and am severely upset now. I have been waiting for a while to place this order, and now I have tried every instant payment method to no avail. When I tried Paypal it was denied for no apparent reason. So I tried Credit Card Payment, Denied again with the message Reason: Declined: This transaction has been declined. (Reason Code 2 / Sub 1)I was going to make my purchase elsewhere untill I viewed my Credit Card Statement online. It has been billed for the total of roughly $286 but the site said my order was declined. I'm pissed. Am I going to get my order? If not then it is going to take forever to get my money back. I had this problem with an un-named asian distributor and it took 3 months to get my money back. Someone please tell David to contact me on this matter as I want this resolved quickly. :mad:

2006.12.15, 05:07 AM
you can also now use the support ticket system provided by hte shop. it should be in the menu box with the wishlist, etc. please make sure you set the priority to high or whatever the highest is. this way there is no chance of emials getting lost on the issue, etc.

i do hope it gets resolved quickly for you. :)

2006.12.15, 06:40 AM
There's a phone number for the shop as well. It may be worth making a call for this one.

2006.12.15, 07:17 AM
yes, in your case i would do both.

2006.12.15, 09:50 AM
What is the phone number to the shop? I have placed a support ticket. I hope Dave gets back with me on this soon.

2006.12.15, 02:01 PM
He should have responded now... correct? ;) is it resolved? I emailed him, woudl have called his cell, but he changed numbers, or its not working. He replied saying he was in process of taking care of it already.

2006.12.15, 02:58 PM
thanks Drac, I really appreciate your help in this matter. I need to check my e-mail and see whats going on.

Dave has replied to the support ticket I placed at the shop. We are working to get this transaction resolved. Thanks for everyones help in bringing this to his attention.

2006.12.19, 12:00 PM
OK I am starting to get worried that I will not recieve my order before Christmas. I have been posting messages on the support ticket at the shop, but I havent heard from David in 4 days now.

2006.12.19, 01:52 PM
mini-z got your email and updated your ticket to clarify the situation and will be holding his failed order so the items aren't lost etc.