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Tim Johnson
2006.12.19, 04:37 PM
Kyosho is proud to announce the 2007 North American Mini-Z Cup in Acapulco, Mexico. The race will be held January 18th - 21st, 2007. This race will be attracting all the best Mini-Z racers from around the world and is not to be missed.

The event will be held at the renown Fairmont Resort in Acapulco, Mexico which has two hotels on the property. The Fairmont Acapulco Princess reigns over 480 acres of legendary scenery. Tucked away on Revolcadero Beach, 20-minutes from the bustle of downtown and a few minutes from the airport, the 15-story Aztec pyramid-shaped building, gardens, pools, golf course, and more cater to the desires of the world's most discriminating guests. Right next door is the Fairmont Pierre Marques.

Testament to a superior experience and service levels, The Fairmont Pierre Marques has been named the recipient of the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award 2005, presented annually by the California State Automobile Association. Additionally, the prestigious publication Travel & Leisure ranked, in 2005, this hotel as one of the best 100 hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the best one in Acapulco.

We will have information shortly on the hotel rates, race rules, schedule and entry forms
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Fairmont Pierre Marques
Acapulco, Mexico

USA & Canada
Groups & Conventions:
1 (800) 257-7544

Mexico: 01 (800) 090 9900
Acapulco: (744) 435 2600




Discount Codes:

The following are discount codes for the Mini-Z Race that is being held at the Fairmont Pierre Marques Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico Jan. 18-21.

RCC01 is the discount code for the all-inclusive package, which includes room, meals and beer or wine drinks for $170 per night, per person.

CTY07 is the code racers should use for a standard room reservation, which is $128 per night for two people, but the rate only covers the cost of the room - food, beverage and all other services are not covered.

RCC01 - All-inclusive package for room, all meals and beverages including beer and wine.

CTY07 - Room charges only - food, beverage and all other expenses are the responsibility of the guest.

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The rules are now up on the website

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The entry form has been set up at the following link.



Tim Johnson
2007.01.10, 07:04 PM
Due to the low volume of entries and racer feedback, Kyosho America has decided to postpone the Mini-Z Cup. We will be searching for a more suitable date to maximize racer participation for the event. We at Kyosho America apologize for this sudden change and we'll be posting more information in the very near future when a new date has been set.

2007.01.11, 12:15 AM
Sorry to hear the lack of interest.
May I suggest that some Kyosho reps visit America's best mini-z tracks,talk to the owners and racers,see what would fly on local level.Then return with a plan for a successful MiniCup.
Then Kyosho can advertise race results in thier choice of media for street cred and a popularity boost for the mini-z.
Another bonus is that the increase of business for these few tracks is vital.
Also traffic on mini-z racer.com increases which is a valuable website for getting advertisement buzz for new bodies and kits quickly to the American public.
At the time of the races Kyosho should provide a promise of every Kyosho hop-up availible at the day of the race for anyone worried about not having nessecary Kyosho hop-ups on thier ride.
My 2 cents :D :D :D
Always my best. :)