View Full Version : Enduro Bearings Backorder, support ticket, etc.

2006.12.20, 10:57 PM
I placed an order at the shop here a while back.
Included in that order were some enduro bearings.
When my order arrived there was a piece of paper
stating that the enduro bearings were on back order.
I waited. In the meanwhile, I sent in a support ticket
asking about some item # discrepancies on the site and what not,
nothing big, to which I received a reply in a normal amount of time.
I then remembered that I had these bearings on backorder, so I sent in a support ticket addressing that issue...no reply.
so, I tried again...nothing.
any ideas?

2006.12.20, 11:53 PM
Dave is a great guy. I'm sure he has just been really busy with the holliday rush. I'm sure he will take care of this to meet your satisfaction.

2006.12.21, 09:16 AM
yep, i'm sure its just the time of year type of crush he's under. in the end, it's no real excuse given the support ticket system but you can never the less understand the situation i'm sure.