View Full Version : MA-010 Run

2006.12.24, 06:07 PM
MA-010 Run (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVRyynfQ1oU)
As said in the vid description, I was running on batteries that had been sitting for about a week, so they'd lost some juice by the time I made this vid, which explains for the slightly slow speed. I hadn't driven the car in about 3 months when I made this vid, been way too busy.

2006.12.24, 06:44 PM
nice vid, is the AWD stock?

2006.12.25, 04:50 PM
It is electronics wise.

3Racing Alloy Knuckles (0*)
3Racing CVDs Front
3Racing Motor Heatsink
3Racing Medium Springs Front
3Racing Soft Springs Rear
Atomic CVDs (1st run) Rear
Atomic Ball Diffs (Plastic) Front/Rear
Atomic 20* Tires Front/Rear
Kyosho Bearing Set
Kyosho Clear Blue Chassis
Kyosho .5* Rear Tie Rod
Kyosho 0* Front Tie Rod

I'm planning on getting the newest Atomic Alum. CVDs, I hear they're actually good this time haha. Also the Kyosho Front/Rear tie rod set, I usually lose control of the car when the rear end skips, I need more toe back there.