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2006.12.25, 12:07 PM
Hey guys,
well its been awhile since ive posted let alone even visted this site, and last night i saw the new AWD mini0z chassis. wow how long i had been waiting for that. I have an Overland still but my pretty much fully moded out mr-01 was stolen by a member on these boards during a trade. :mad: oh well.
Anyways, i was wondering if anyone here would like to trade an mr-01, 02 or awd chassis with PCB and body just not a remote i have one, for my overland chassis, pcb, body, and spare parts. The condition is pretty good ill have pics upon request. Body has custom tire gate on rear with spare tire/cones.
thanks guys and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

2006.12.26, 05:55 PM
I dont want to trade but I do offer my symapthy for the **** that ****** you the first trade. :cool:

2006.12.26, 11:08 PM
I have no need for another OL... but I do have a spare AWD to sell off. It will need Differentials and Tires however... (something you will want to buy anyway).

2006.12.27, 12:51 AM
are you willing to sell it?

2006.12.27, 11:04 AM
Yes im willing to sell it. I just noticed that it will need new front shocks as the stockers are starting to stick when they compress. no biggie everything else works great. Do you need the TX as well? i can send you the chassis,body and tx/car crystal set for 80+ shipping 90 with the TX + shipping. im sure this sounds reasonable. i will also throw in a bunch of extra crap i have laying around.

Drac- how much are you willing to let go of that AWD for? is this a RTR chassis with body just no diff or tires?
thanks and happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D

2006.12.28, 04:12 PM
if you havent sold the OL yet, how much would you like for it? i am very interested in obtaining one.

2006.12.29, 09:39 AM
I have no need for another OL... but I do have a spare AWD to sell off. It will need Differentials and Tires however... (something you will want to buy anyway).

Can you send me pics of the AWD? I'm planning on an ambitious AWD collection for 07. Thanks!

2006.12.29, 12:02 PM
I was originaly thinking to sell just the chassis... but I do have an unused KT5, and unused Dark Blue Skyline AWD Body... As for price I do not know, still thinking... it has a few silver alloy parts that I intend to include with this sale... including 2 differentials that I deam as sucky and not worth it, but its enough to get the car to drive until you buy better diffs, or something to tinker with maybe you will like them. It has bearings, and these alloys: top bulk heads, batt clip, motor clip, two rear tierods, and steering tie rod, rear bumper, and 4 knuckles, all in silver, and a set of axles. These are all 3 racing or topcad parts, but I wish to start over with atomic or PN parts on the new car...

I have an unopened AWD, but no one wants to pay full price for it so I am selling the used one instead and keeping the unopened one for myself, thats where the body/tx is comming from. I will also include the original used stock tires, but they have super glue on the inside... thus why I say to get new ones.

The Alloy Parts: http://www.quantumrc.com/ForSale/SilverAlloyAWD.jpg
I will get more photos up, the chassis currently has parts I do not plan to include installed so I dont wish to take photos of those (the axles and chrome plastic rims)

So I guess about:
$99 for the car (with alloy parts & bearings)
$23 for the body if wanted
$13 for the tx (mostly shipping) if wanted
$135 for all of it.
(includes shipping within USA 48cont)

Or you can buy a new one in the shop for about $150 ;) + cost of the alloy.

marc... :) LoL... its the one you traded the epochs for... thus it was yours, at least its a combination of the two you sent, to get one that worked, I've been racing it just fine under my Cooper Body, at least when I have the right tires on it, and staying on it ;).

2006.12.29, 12:04 PM
OH, LOL! Which one, the silver one or the red one? I just need some of the silver aluminum bit's if it's the silver one. Don't need the entire chassis.