View Full Version : common mzm problems and possible solutions

2006.12.25, 01:15 PM
hi all! i'm a new member to this forum, but i've read you before. i opened that thread in order to gather some info about common mini-z monster truck's problems and possible solutions. i bought mine on saturday 23 dec and i've already noticed a twithcing servo. at the moment it isn't very intense so as me to loose control of the monster but rather anoying, since i payed 200 euros for it and it's not even the SE with the better motor and all that. my mr-01 which i own since 2001 has similar symptoms but it's old and i bought monster cause the guys in the shop told me it has improoved electronics. i don't remember having problems like that when i first bought my mr-01.the question is, do i have to learn live with it cause it's a normal reaction of servo or it's a problem and i must do sth for it?
thanks in advance for any answers and given information
(after unnzip the zip files they are in 3gp format viewable on mobile phones like se k750i etc)