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2006.12.27, 05:49 PM
I love this body people and i would like to know more about it please.
for one what year is it i am thinking of finding a real one. also does it come in auto scale and where is a good site(besieds this one)to find bodies for mini zs. thanks i wasnt sure if this was the right place too post for sure.

2006.12.27, 10:53 PM
1) that is a Subaru WRX white body, the only Autoscale is the blue and yellow rally version.
2) dont know what year, thinking around 2000
3) it is disrespectfull to ask where to get things besides the shop connected to this site as this is a free forum for all.

2006.12.27, 11:16 PM
that is an OLD autoscale so i could not offer a guess as to the yar of the body style. it has to be 2000-2002 though as i don't think they made those blank bodies with the stickers much past that

you could always order from here ;) but there are a couple other places available. so long as people are not explicitly 'advertising' for another shop, you will get recomendations. i can however recommend that if you wish to get links, etc. to other places, simply ask people to emial thru the forum. you have to enable that function however.

the trouble is, you will often find the filtering makes getting recommendations difficult. it's regretful that they are there to begin with but that is the system we must deal with. some people just don't have the respect others do when it comes shameless spaming and advertising.

enough of that..... always hate reiterating policy.

i hope you find the info you need and the 1:1 car you looking for.

fyi, if what you want is not in the shop, submit a support ticket requesting it. login at the shop to do so.

2006.12.28, 08:11 AM
i meant no disrespect what so ever by asking for another store although it looks that way. this site is in the same state as i and i also ordered my first Z from here so they have a special place in my heart lol. i was simply asking too find out if anyone knew of maybe a store that carried a lot of bodies because this one was out of stock and i am looking around. i will be ordering from here very soon. do you have the competition chassis for ma010? i realy need it and have not seen it here i may have missed it. i realy would rather to order from here rather than texas or cali. thanx a nd sorry for the confusion and the accidental disrespect next time ill be more clear.

2006.12.28, 08:35 AM
no offense taken :)

2006.12.28, 10:13 AM
yeah seriously, if you looked and couldnt find it, or it was out of stock, people are usually more willing to give you a link, or reference you to somewhere else. RC Kenon usually has the most bodies, with Atomic Mods in a close second. During the last 2 weeks the shop here has sold out of ALOT of things. So it is no suprise that it wasnt in stock here, Dave has been a very busy man lately :D Here is a 99 model that I think is a great example of a nice Suby, not too riced out http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2156027

2006.12.28, 10:20 AM
RC K has quite a few bodies listed, but alot are "out of stock" as well. it seems that the demand of bodies out weighs the supply right now.

most places have a very limited supply "in stock" right now.

2007.01.18, 06:33 PM
You might try ebay. I've seen a few of those Scoobies there. I think I saw a yellow, and a black one. Ebay seems to be a good source for bodies these day's.