View Full Version : BET Band and AD Band

2006.12.29, 11:43 PM
tim, can you explain the similarities and differences with these two systems used for mini-z's? bet band (RA-14) for mini-z lit and ad band (RA-6) for mini-z racer.

members have reported that the ad band module for the helios will control the mini-z lit however the transmitter for the mini-z lit (KT-7) will not control an ad band car.

both of these systems claim to offer the i.c.s. features.

2007.08.17, 05:22 PM
have you any luck finding info on this?

Tim Johnson
2007.08.31, 11:08 AM
BET band is 27mhz FM
AD band is 24.955 ~ 25.145MHZ FM.