View Full Version : F1 For Christmas

2006.12.30, 09:51 AM
Yes indeed, me tooooooo......., i got a F1 MCLAREN, for christmas from my
mother-in-law, yes she is hip,cool, and a milf :D anyways she sent it to me
in mail, arrived on 12/27. i have already ordered tires,searched the fourm :)
thanks guys, this is my forth mini-z, but it should have been me 1st.

this car will only be used on mini-96 track,

are these tire ok for my track? kyosho-high grip grooved rear 20*
atomic mini-z racing front 30*

tires are still on the way, orderd from the shop here

and f1 still in box un opened, don't want to open it while famliy- nephews
and uncles are here- don't want there fingers prints on it or anything
like a clumsy 12 year old dropping it, so i wait till sunday when all other
in-laws :( leave :D :D :D