View Full Version : cleaning my diff

2006.12.30, 10:04 AM
I have to take apart my diff this afternoon; there must be some RCP and or dirt remnants in it. It feels real gritty. It is not binding just real rough. I have read a few posts on how to clean them and rebuild them, but what is the best solvent/cleaner to use on the parts? I was planning on just blasting it with power shot (not sure if that is the best thing to use) any tips would be appreciated.

2006.12.30, 10:24 AM
and what is the best way to pop off the e-clip?

2006.12.30, 11:54 AM
very carefully ;)

I use a combination of thumb nail and small screw driver... takes some skill but it will come off.

2006.12.31, 02:56 PM
have you ever cleaned the diff before? if not and you've had it for a while chances are you may have to get a diff rebuild kit, if you can find one for your diff, the balls that are in the diff will only last for a little while until they start to get out of round or rough as you say the diff is, if it's a 6 ball diff like most you can find some replacement balls, just flip the diff rings and replace the balls and apply lube, I use Tamiya Ceramic lube very smooth stuff, as long as you don't over grease the diff it won't attract much dirt

2006.12.31, 03:21 PM
I'd recommend just taking all of the bottom parts out so that the gear and the bearing can slide down about 1cm-.5cm. (depending on what diff you have) Then, just take a needle nose plier and yank out the clip.

Also, with all of the parts out already, you might as well take some very high grit sand paper and lap the plates smooth. (you could start low at 1k maybe then go up to 2k+)