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2006.12.31, 04:36 AM
my awd always flips over on a hard left turn but not a right turn. my braking is the same but just when i turn hard left. ive tried weights, tire swaps and spring changes..to no avail.. any advice?

2006.12.31, 09:18 AM
There are alot of good AWD set up threads on the board. They have helped my out a lot. :)

Just do a search on the topic

2007.01.16, 12:32 AM
I have seen a number of threads on this topic but I don't know that I've ever seen a good answer. It seems to be a fairly common problem. I haven't completely resolved mine but adding the spacers to the fron suspension helped quite a bit. Ensure your body isn't binding when you turn due to wrong offset tires.

2007.01.16, 12:51 AM
the flipping on left turn only and not right turn is most likely due to the extra weight on the right side of the body from the batteries. whatever tires you're using right now for the front, if you go a notch lower in terms of traction, it might just help solve that problem.

You can also experiment w/ harder front springs, knuckles spacers, or even put a few grams of weight on the left side of the car.

2007.01.16, 03:52 AM
... I've experimented a long time with the AWD so it doesn't flip and the outcome is:
- the AWD requires a different driving technique, so you can't go in fast curbs with the wheels under full pressure ... you'll have to pulse a little ;)
- watch the body roll and the grip. A reduced body roll (harder springs) improves the behaviour not to flip. Usually it's the front springs, but test it ...

Just m2cents,


2007.01.16, 04:38 AM
More negative camber seems to help, it reduces the tires' tendency to dig into the track material.

2007.01.16, 08:42 AM

try to use short travel springs on the front (like Atomic, PN Racing).

Jack Sparrow
2007.01.23, 05:38 AM
I used to run a Skyline body which is pretty narrow offset wise. I had loads of grip rolls on RCP. Rolls were caused by too much grip. Running harder tires which caused the car to slide a bit cured most of the problems.

Recently i've made the switch to a Ferrari 360 body which has a much wider offset and which runs wide wheels in the back. Last time this car was on RCP it didn't roll at all.

My opinion is wider offset is better. It *is* doable with a narrow offset but it's hard.

2007.01.24, 10:18 AM
Avant is entirely right on the different driving styles. Slow in fast out is the way these have to be driven. On low traction tracks, this is not as much of a problem. Wider is also better, as Jack states, but to a point. Going too wide makes the car sluggish and slow in the corners.

The suspension in the front is very delicate , too stiff and it doesn't compress and flips due to chatter, too soft and it collapses and flips.

Finally the front tire compound is very important. Sometimes you have to settle for a slightly pushier compound to get the car to not flip.