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2007.01.01, 12:00 PM
Hello. Question for Kyosho.......of coarse.
Remember that old F1 car that had the twin steering up front? Meaning, four wheels turned left right? That would make for an interesting limited edition F1 Mini-Z. I'm sure it can be done, I was thinking of taking two F1 chassis, and figur out how to link the two front steering systems together. Then find a body of that particular F1 from a model kit and make it fit the modified chassis. It would be sweet if Kyosho specially designed a chassis just for that one special F1. As stated, make it a limited edition. I think it would be one heck of a collectors item.

2007.01.01, 12:33 PM
here is a little link for reference on this car ;) http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=49154
I think it would be pretty simple to build one, just not so easy convincing Kyosho to build it.

2007.01.01, 01:08 PM
Thank you, never knew one exsited! Just didn't mention what scale that was though. Looks like 1/10 or bigger. Question is, can I find a 1/24 scale plastic model body of the car. If I can, great. If not, still need two F1 chassis.

2007.01.01, 01:19 PM
yeah thats either a 1/10 or 1/12 scale car. I just posted it to show people what car you were talking about. Here is the Tamiya model kit for the Tyrrell P34 http://www.f1specialties.com/main/tamiya/20053.php
only problem is that it is in 1/20 scale and not sure how well this would fit the Kyosho Chassis.

2007.01.01, 01:23 PM
Thanks again. Being 1/20th it might work. I don't know if the car would be longer, or shorter than the standard F1 Mini-Z racer. I'd have to see a regular F1 that the Mini-Z's replicate in compairison to the P34. But thank you now you've given the name for the car. I still think if Kyosho did this in limited production, it would be a highly collected Mini-Z racer. Still, a 1/24 will be better than 1/20th.

2007.01.01, 01:27 PM
if you think about it the 1/20 scale might be needed to make the body long enough to fit the 2 extra tires in the front end with the extended chassis.

2007.01.01, 01:29 PM
One won't know till one has both the kit, and the two F1's. Anybody want to donate for this project? Electronics don't have to work but would be nice, and condition of body not important.