View Full Version : Drilling Cooling Holes?

pomme de terre
2007.01.03, 01:38 AM
What are your opinions on drilling cooling holes onto the motors similiar to what is on some PN and ATM motors? I run a MA010 and the motor gets hot pretty fast. The heatsink motorclip from Atomic doesnt seem to do much since the contact area with the motor is pretty small. I hear that having cooling vents helps a lot though.

I already have a bbcan so I dont want to buy a new one just for cooling holes. How would I go about drilling holes without ruining the can? Im afraid of deforming the can in the process or leaving rough edges on the hole that might interfer with the armature. The Atomic and PN cans seem to have the holes stamped out rather than drilled...

Also, with holes in the motor will stuff get in really easily? I run on a carpet track and hairy fibres frequently get stuck between my wheels and bearings. Will this stuff get sucked into the motor?

2007.01.03, 03:55 AM
I have the PN BB can with vented endbell and my AWD has the highest gearing installed and it barely even gets warm. the can has 2 holes in the can 3/16" in size. The holes could easily be drilled with either a small cordless drill or a Dremel. The motor cans are thin enough and soft enough that alot of pressure would not be needed with a drill, this also makes it easy to clean up any rough edges with a No.1 size X-acto knife with a nice sharp blade. Just the weight of a small drill would be enough to push through the can, dont force it, and everything will be ok.

I run my car on the carpet in my appartment, which is Ozite type grade. This is the same as used for R/C tracks. The only thing that my motor picks up is hair. My girlfriend sheds hair like a Saint Benard. :D

2007.01.03, 03:04 PM
I did an old X Speed can for mine with a dremel, using a taper bit. Yes, it made alot of noise. I made two big holes on top, with three smaller holes on the bottom. I didn't drill the bottom holes big. as that could have caused the tabs that hold the magnets in place to snap off. I have had fibers in everything else but that motor. It helped alot to keep things cool, with the stock motor armature. I think the Atomic and PN cans are thicker than the Kyosho cans are.