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2007.01.06, 08:34 AM
Does anyone have a good used PCB forsale? The soldering tab on my servo motor broke so now I am unable to hook it backup.


2007.01.06, 10:21 AM
so.. you want a new PCB just cuz the motor broke? literaly on the motor? or on the pcb were the motor wires attach?

I have a few of the servo motors ;)

2007.01.06, 04:40 PM
You have a motor?!!! The PCB is fine, I just thought you had to get a motor with a new pcb. Ya if you have a motor I can buy that would be GREAT! Do you take pay-pal?

2007.01.06, 04:55 PM
Yea I have motors left over from when I was parting out MR01s... Some people only wanted the PCB so I have 2 servo motors left.

You could also search for a basic N2A motor... they can be had for 1-3$ range... but its hard to tell if the internal windings (speed/torque) are the same as in the Z...

Yea I take paypal... will send it out for $5.00 shipped USA.

So is $5.00 better than $60-$100 for a PCB? ;)

I have the wires on these motors still, but you will want to use the longer wires that the overland came from, or find even better wire... the MR01 wires are not quite long enough for the suspension travel on the OL.

fire me an email to verify my paypal id, dont want to post it on here due to spamming email-vulchers.

By the way, how did u manage to break the tab off of the motor?!

If it was by soldering... use flux it wont require so much heat ;).

2007.01.06, 05:35 PM
I was rewireing it because of the cheap wire always getting cut that it came with. Thank so much!!!!

2007.01.06, 10:31 PM
Well, if he doesn't need the PCB, I know I need it! So if any of you guys have one, let me know!

2007.01.10, 04:36 PM
Hope you find one.

2007.01.11, 12:03 AM
I think tinyrc sells them..

2007.01.11, 10:09 AM
Well, if he doesn't need the PCB, I know I need it! So if any of you guys have one, let me know!

sent you an email, I have one