View Full Version : Just picked up a mini-z monster.

2007.01.06, 07:02 PM
I ordered me a monster last week,it arrived on thursday. What an amazing littel truck. This being my first mini-z I had no idea what to expect. But this littel truck runs as good as any of my other larger scale rc's.
Today I took a xmod s2 motor, and dropped it into a bb can with neo's. Pretty nice tourqe. I also ordered a few parts that should arrive sometimes next week.

The following was ordered.
Red alloy knuckles.
Red alloy strearing assembly.
Red alloy strearing plate.
Silver alloy frount shock mount.

In a few weeks or next month, I plan on ordering silver alloy rear shock mount. Frount/rear silver or red oil shocks. And possible alloy rims, tires, and foam inserts..... Well if I can afford it all.. lol