View Full Version : GoldMember The sequal

2007.01.08, 02:19 PM
Hello. I have plans for building another GoldMember. This time, it will be with the AWD Mini-Z, and once again I plan on going all GPM. I've contacted RCX who has helped me a great deal before, and they can order for me all the parts needed.
So keep an eye on this thread as project progresses. First step, is to get a new AWD chassis as my last one was traded for a CRT. Awesome!
Anyway, question is, what will look best with gold alloy, I know I want the car to be the Subaru WRX Spec C. Question, white, black, or blue? White will be easiest to spot on track, blue is way too average for WRX, black always looks good with gold. So which color?
This car will be raced as often as possible and only on a clean RCP track so it can still look pretty, and be very useable.