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2007.01.09, 02:38 PM
Hello. Got a question for you all. My local hobby shop is about to build a Mini-Z and 1/18 scale set of tracks in doores.
I had suggested building a small scale model of a mountain on one wall for some downhill and uphill drifting for the Mini-Z's.
Any suggestions on how to do this? I forgot the square footage we have to work with, but it sounds big enough for two or three really good tracks.

2007.01.09, 02:50 PM

Talk them into a RCP track system. Start with two wide L's (Around $350 on ebay) You can build the elevations with plywood, and If you really want a mountain, the best advice I have for you is to look at some of the work done on terrain in the Model trains and Miniature War games arena.

For some really cool scale model stuff, check out Games Workshop.


They manufacture miniatures for fantasy war games where the focus is to build 1" tall models then paint them and game against your Friends on a very detailed game table. Things like Lord of the Rings etc...

There are tons of articles on the site on how to build mountains out of foam. Then you cover them with sand and other textures and paint them to look real.

But for the track, I'd go with RCP. You can drift on the smoth side, and race on the rough side. You can change the layout at will.

Good luck and take some pictures if they every get around to building it...

2007.01.09, 03:51 PM
You can also use wire mesh and drywall mud to make mountains.

2007.01.09, 04:53 PM
Thank you. Wouldn't it be fun to have a 1/28 scale model of Mount Akina? I think that's what the name of the famous mountain on Initial D.

2007.01.09, 05:49 PM
Thank you. Wouldn't it be fun to have a 1/28 scale model of Mount Akina? I think that's what the name of the famous mountain on Initial D.

It'd be a very ambitious project, but if you're game, I say go for it. I'd love to see a project like this done.

To get you kickstarted, here's a site with a gallery of pics of the real life Mount Haruna (aka Mount Akina) (http://gallery.tsukaeru.jp/haruna/haruna.htm), and a map (http://gallery.tsukaeru.jp/image/map/haruna.jpg) of the same. Main site is here (http://gallerystage.com/).

2007.01.09, 06:02 PM
Sweet, thanks! But I seriously doubt we'd do a replica. If we even do a mountain road, it will be our own design that will be relativly easy to run on. I'm only looking at doing like a corner of the room with two walls. One side would be the uphill, and the other side will be downhill and a little coarse on the floore.
It's only an idea at the moment and I seriously doubt it'll happen. But if it does, I'll try and take pictures of the project. The store owner has ordered the carpet and has been shipped out today. I told him I'm free to voluntear in helping out with the project.
Also, I don't know if we're renting the space or not. So that's also a concerne. It would have to be something that can be taken down without to much trouble.

2007.01.09, 10:56 PM
Seeing as where you are located a Pikes Peak theme may be more fitting.

2007.01.10, 12:11 AM
Seeing as where you are located a Pikes Peak theme may be more fitting.
lol, as I was reading this thread, before I ever got to this post, Pikes Peak would be SWEET! popped into my head. Now we just need an Escudo body for the MA-010 :D

2007.01.10, 09:57 AM
Check with Mini-Z Bar web site. Somebody actually made one for their Mini-Z. I forgot which car they used, but it looked pretty good.
Problem with Pikes Peak, is I don't think it's the type of mountain suitable for drifting. A bit more hazardous than say Mount Akina. But may be good for a hill-climb race.

2007.01.10, 11:15 AM
the thing with the Pikes Peak course is that the turns are so sharp, you would have to get it sideways just to make the turns ;)

2007.01.10, 01:25 PM
Yes, but how would you simulate the dirt, without getting the car's dirty? Paint it to look like dirt and use a slippery surface on the turns. Doesn't the RCP tracks have a slippery surface on one side, and grip on the other?

2007.01.10, 06:49 PM
with the drift tires you can get sideways on the traction RCP surface.

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Course Map
Length: 12.42 miles
Surface: Pavement and Gravel
Turns: 156
Elevation at Start: 9390
Elevation at Finish: 14110
Maximum grade: 10.5%
Average grade: 7%