View Full Version : Who is PN?

2007.01.11, 02:18 PM
Hello. Is RC Kennon really the same people as PN Racing? If so, then I can order direct from theme can't I? And maybe request some parts?

2007.01.11, 03:57 PM
they are one and the same. If you order from PN's site, it automatically takes you to the Kenon site. Phillip is a good guy

2007.01.11, 04:21 PM
Thank you I figured they were since PN is all they seem to sell. I think I'll ask him why there is no battery clip for the AWD in orange to go along with the other parts. And yes Phillip is nice................

2007.01.11, 05:21 PM
Ok, just e-mailed Phillip and he replied. The reason they don't make battery clips is because they beleave in function over form. Plus, the cost for making the clips out-weighs the need for theme. So don't expect battery clips from theme anytime soon if at all.

2007.01.11, 06:42 PM
you already have a thread for this and have already posted the answer. there is no reason to duplicate the replies here.

2007.01.11, 09:41 PM
it would have been nice to leave the other thread open though to see how many people on these forums are interested in them, I know I am. I dont think they will look here for item interest.

2007.01.12, 05:13 AM
does it matter? they already answered that it won't happen and for several reasons. seems pointless to go one about it but i'll open it up if you guys want to keep it going :)