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2001.11.30, 08:16 PM
Hi, i'm just wondering if anyone has and detailed information about the mini z lite. Has it been officially released? Does anyone own one? Does it have poportional steering and throttle? thanks a lot

2001.11.30, 08:19 PM
I don't think they're out yet, but I could be wrong. They don't have proportional steering or throttle. I think they do have suspension, but it's un-tuneable, as with the motor too. It is made basically like a tyco canned heat or taiyo radi-can, depending on where you are on this crazy planet. I think they're going to run between $30 and $40 US. But my info is a few months old, so it could have all changed by now. They use the same bodys & wheels/tires as regular mini-z's though. Run on 2 AA's.


2001.11.30, 08:28 PM
Hi, there's some info in the brochure scans on the front page. They were supposed to be available in October but they've been delayed.


2001.11.30, 08:33 PM
They are also only available in 2 unchangeable frequencies... unless you hack the board.... ;).

2001.11.30, 08:37 PM
Cool... thanks a lot guys!

2001.12.02, 04:31 PM
That looks pretty good with 2 AA batteries !
But you can't tune it and to bad there are only 2 bands.

2001.12.02, 04:32 PM
It looks like a low budget Mini-Z ! :D

2001.12.02, 04:40 PM
Exactly what it is, its to compete with the canned heat etc... cars out there.

But its 30$...

Tires = $5.00 (minimum hobby shop prices).
Rims = $5.00
Body = $10.00
Motor = $10.00...

Then there are other parts you can scavange from one, the screws, locknuts, capacitors for other motors... Dont know about the differential and axles... might be able to use its encased rear end for out door mini-z...

Gee do you think they over charge for the Mini-Z parts? ;) hehe.

2001.12.02, 11:35 PM
yep it's a cheaper version of the original mini-z, targeted towards a much younger crowd... i would suggest that you save your money to buy hop up parts instead:D

2001.12.06, 01:08 PM
If you sell those to kids and they race with them at the playground/school then they could get very populair ! but I dunno if Kyosho is so smart ;)

T Man
2001.12.09, 05:53 PM
psh. Just 2 frequencies? Gimme a break. If all the school kids had one, they wouldn't be able to race but two at a time. THINK KYOSHO! lol:rolleyes:

2001.12.19, 04:36 PM
If the body of this cheap version can be compatiable
with Mini-Z ?

2001.12.19, 09:25 PM
Yes, they are in fact the same exact bodies used for the regular mini-z's, as well as the autoscale collection.


2001.12.19, 09:50 PM
"Yes, they are in fact the same exact bodies used for the regular mini-z's, as well as the autoscale collection. "

this basically means that you can interchange them with any kyoso autoscale collection.... main difference is the chasis, and the controller :D

2001.12.20, 03:28 AM
They could be classified as 'Entry level Mini-Z's'

Remember most parents won't pay in excess of $100+ on a small R/C car for their 6-10 year old children.

This market is dominated by the 1/24th scale Nikko's, Canned-Heats and un-named brands from mainland China.

I think Kyosho have seen a gap in the sub $50 market and are entering that viable 'cheapies' market segment.
On the upside, once the bodyshell is on, it's not a bad looking RC model, however once the bodyshell is removed it's just another cheapie with the added benefit of proportional controls, a working diff and much better quality than most of the other sub-$50 1/24 cheapies.

As for the fixed frequencies, well, it still works and if you have two or more kids, they can compete against one another two at a time. Most parents dont understand the 'funbdimentals' of RC cars, but if they were to get their kids a Kyosho Cheapie-Z, the kids would still have the benefits of a quality RC model that offers a large choice of bodyshells, replacement wheels, tyres and hours of fun. (I wonder if Kyosho will make spare parts available?)

I like Draconious's view: Good for a spare motor (perhaps), bodyshell, screws, wheels and tyres :D for +- $40

Ken Mifune
2001.12.20, 09:10 AM
I'm wondering how similar the bodies will actually be. Sure it seems they'll fit the same way but will they have the same amount of detail? Maybe not as many pieces added on, or decals for windows and other stuff. It just seems odd that their retail prices for a Z-lite and Autoscale is so close. Something's got to give.
The age group guide lines are also a factor. That's why you don't have many tiny pieces (like mirrors) that can bust off the bodies of a Canned Heat.
It will be interesting to see the final product.

2001.12.20, 01:33 PM
The bodies and the wheel rims, all come down the same line as the parts from the Mini-Z. The other way of looking at the Mini-Z Lite is a way for those who collect the bodies, but dont realy play with rc cars... can cheaply mount one to the Mini-Z L chassis and go. Its just more proof that they charge too much for the parts, bodies (sell for 10$ some places), etc.