View Full Version : where to find micro t parts

2007.01.12, 11:52 AM
I got a micro t last night and broke the steering linkage five minutes of racing it. does anybody know where I can get parts to fix this or does anyone make stronger steering parts or any hop ups for micro t's yet?

2007.01.12, 12:03 PM
most people make thier own out of any plastic they can find, from lexan to zip ties....

a couple places are making spring steel ones but they are not available yet that i know of

2007.01.12, 12:22 PM
guitar picks work great, you can get like 6 links total out of a guitar pic...there is actually a little "micro-t tips" video on You tube taht explains it, not that its even remotely hard to do. Also guitar pics come in about 700 differnt thicknesses and matierials, so you can actually do some front end suspension tuning with it.

There are folks making replacements on ebay out all types of stuff

2007.01.12, 11:54 PM
Well, they are including polycarbonate steering linkages now in the RTRs.. at least in the batch we got at our store.. I just got mine yesterday, and the polycarb ones are definitely better than the plastic crap on there.. Until they break I'm not gona switch it out to the zipties.

Hotracing should have some hop-up stuff out soon, their list is quite impressive..