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2007.01.13, 12:46 AM
Is lithium better then aaa's? Could I use an e-flight celectra charger with a lipo set up? What are the advantages?

2007.01.13, 02:42 AM
"better" is a broad term, they are more expensive and are not allowed at most races, they also stress the electronics more (the electronics will handle it though). but lithiums have a higher power density, which means you get more voltage (7.2) out of a lithium pack of similar capacity and similar weight. you can get aaa lithium cells which you can wire in 2s2p and still have it fit in the stock battery compartment without having to drill holes and tie-wrap the cells in. the e-flight celectra charger would be perfect, I'd use it's 500ma charge rate, but if you are in a hurry, it's one amp setting would be fine. which cells are you planning on using?

2007.01.13, 02:17 PM
I so them on ebay, its from draw drop racing. I ordered a lipo setup from them for my xmod, and they were pretty good. I think ill just stay with aaa's, and get a fet upgrade if i can find some one to do it for me.

2007.01.13, 06:55 PM
Do not put lithiums in a mini-z. It's just no good. You will damadge the electronics garunteeed over time.

A nice hot motor with nice MOSFETS or a turbo with a good set of nimhs will eat a lithium based Z (with stock setup aka AM's lith mod) anyday.

See you can't put too hot a motor into a lith based Z since the liths have no balls and will over heat quickly. Nimh's on the other hand will take hot motor abuse just fine. They are superior for this setup in Z's.

2007.01.13, 08:44 PM
Alright, thx. Were is the cheapest place that will install fets for me, instead of **********? Also wat is the best motor?

2007.01.13, 09:15 PM
FET installation normally does not come cheap. I can't really suggest much besides shop around at most retailer's sites. Even though AM's prices are rather high, I can tell you that they do a great job with the installation. I've seen fetted boards done by them and it's nothing short of perfection. Maybe you could get a member here to do it for you if you can't afford the premium. There is also no such thing as the best motor. There are motors that are made for certain applications. What and where are you racing? Is the track a large or a small track? (With this you can fine tune the motor the slightest bit more on top of the gear ratios) Also, what chassis are you running on? And last of all how much do you want to spend on a motor? (I don't think that you should spend too much since most people are completly happy with a $25 motor)

2007.01.13, 10:05 PM
I am running on a rcp track in my basement. I runnining the stock mr-02 chassis with stock fets. What sounds good?

2007.01.15, 04:57 AM
Theres a motor called plasma dash from tamiya thats under 10 dollars and pulls 51,240 rpms at 4.8 v. The downside is that it gets hot real easily so I suggest bb case and neo mags. Maybe carbon brushes if you have extra money. The motor loses about 5,000 rpm if used with those combination (neo mags) but it gives the much needed torque. I use this combination and it's great. Just don't use li-ions with this motor. Blew my stacked fets away.....(2x2)

2007.01.15, 01:19 PM
And I could still use stock fets?

2007.01.15, 01:33 PM
I would suggest atleast 2x2 fet upgrade. I have 2x3 on mine though. Remember, DO NOT RUN LI-IONS with this motor on stock FETs. I learned it the hard way.