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2007.01.16, 08:37 PM

just an fyi... i already posted the news to r7r and trc.

i plan on getting many of these!

2007.01.17, 07:24 AM
Hi Guys, having a quick scan through and I couldn't see any posts on the new Micro T hopups from Atomic, so thought I'd post up in case:

Atomic Micro T Parts (http://www.rcatomic.com/main/modules/news/article.php?storyid=226)


2007.01.17, 08:56 AM
i posted the link last night. it goes in the micro rc section as the parts do not pertain to mini-z's :) i merged the threads so we don't have 2

2007.01.17, 12:42 PM
i posted the link last night. it goes in the micro rc section as the parts do not pertain to mini-z's :) i merged the threads so we don't have 2
My apologies Arch, I didn't have long to post and did a quick scan to see where to put it and also if there was another already!

I did put it in there due to the 'New from Losi - Micro T' thread which has been long running.


2007.01.17, 01:07 PM
thanks for pointing that out, it' moved :)

np about posting the news, it's good news for micro-t owners :D

2007.01.17, 04:39 PM
So those wheel shafts allow for wheel nuts instead of e-clips? Hmmm... ya know, that was really the only reason why I havn't bought a Micro T. :o

2007.01.17, 10:50 PM
I was thinking about buying one of these Micro-Ts but I think I am gonna buy an E-Maxx instead ;)

2007.01.20, 04:34 PM
Yipppeeeeee!!!! Thanks Atomic so much for putting those parts out! I'm particular interested in the new wheel shafts. I've been having a blast with my Micro-T today, so I definetly plan on upgrading it.

2007.02.19, 09:03 AM
the availabloe parts from atomic are now in the shop. it looks like not all of them were available for delivery as not all the parts they make are in

2007.02.19, 09:33 AM
Cool, thanks for the updates arch!

2007.03.06, 01:55 AM
Just chiming in for the Atomic parts on Micro-T. I have gotten the Atm shocks, dogbones, wheel shafts and camber link. The following is my mini review for the hop-ups:

First, the dogbones works and looks like a charm with the Micro T.

Second, the shocks are great looking and works fine, and when installing the shocks, just make sure everything is screwed on properly, orelse it might bind(duh).

As for the wheel shafts, they are great in a way that it could accept the Mini Z wheelnut. I have the 3 racing ones with the flange, and it only work with the rear 2 wheels. But if your wheelnuts are like the kyosho stock original, it should work just fine. But a word of caution, the packaged nuts do not work on its wheel shaft, just way too tight and forcing it on might end up bending the shafts...I think that's kinda bad poo poo on Atomic.

Lastly, the atomic camber link, unfortunately, doesn't work too well and for nearly 15-20 min I have tried, no luck assembling them together. So I recommend not to get them, if it is a lift-or-death item, then get them in later days when they iron out this issue. :)