View Full Version : Lowering bushing thickness

2007.01.17, 04:10 PM
Lowering the motor bushing thickness would improve motor performance because of a lesser drag?

pomme de terre
2007.01.17, 04:35 PM
It might be better and less trouble to just buy a bbcan. Making the motor bushings less thick will also let the armature wobble back and forth, which is probably not good.

2007.01.17, 04:43 PM
BB are not allowed but thinkering with stock motor is ok. I don't think armature would wobble since i would only make a cone from the outside of the bushing. same thikness in the outside and same measures on the armature just less material on the inside of the bushing

2007.01.17, 05:49 PM
I think at one time in the 1/10 races there was someone that used a jewelers rouge or valve compound stuffed into the motor bushings. It destroyed the motor, but for that one run it run like a BB motor. It's stories like that as to why some races don't allow the motors to even be opened up, or use handout motors.

2007.01.18, 06:40 PM
I know the life of the bushing would be shortened but do you guys think there would be an increase in performance?

2007.02.04, 11:25 PM
I really do not think it would help. you run the risk of having burrs inside of the bushing however careful you are, and the increased stress on it could make the bushing heat up and deform, not to mention the increased wear would soon make the arm loose inside of the bushing. just keep it clean and well oiled with good high quality oil and bushings will work at their peak.

2007.02.05, 07:10 AM
It theoretically should not help you at all. Surface area has no effect on friction.