View Full Version : Onboard drift video!

2007.01.18, 11:21 PM
I found this on YouTube.


2007.01.19, 08:19 PM
Thanks for sharing although I may have seen this one :b lol. I wish the rx7 could have stayed on it better then it would have been realy nice. Would that be a huge atomic double decker on the white one? It does not fit lol it is freeaking huge lol.

2007.01.20, 09:03 PM
Cool video.

2007.02.12, 05:48 PM
Nice vid. But cembom is right, the camera car should have stayed closer to the drifter. I'm getting one of those tiny onboard cameras shipped to me, I'll try to make one of my own; hopefully better quality and I'll stay closer. Will post when it complete.