View Full Version : Muchmore AAAD discharger.

2007.01.19, 03:24 PM
The model name says it all, it is a AAA specific discharger from brand Muchmore. Can't wait to try one out as their charger and discharger are excellent with their linear charge mode.

LINK (http://rcforum.co.kr/news/entry/Much-More-New-product-AAAD)

2007.01.19, 03:42 PM
Looks pretty cool. I'm looking for a discharger. Let us know how it goes.


2007.01.19, 10:22 PM
Does look interesting.

2007.01.22, 02:33 PM
I noticed one thing with this discharger. It seems to only discharge at 500ma. I don't know if that would be a problem for anyone but I thought I would point it out. I don't know how the Atomic discharger works but it automatically discharges at a rate between 100mA to 2.5A.

At 500mA it's going to take almost two hours to discharge a full battery. I am pretty sure the Atomic one is faster than that.