View Full Version : San Fransisco Racing?

MINIz guy11
2007.01.20, 10:52 AM
I plan to go to San Fransisco to visit some family and am wondering if theres a racing club there. I would like to know their schedule and rules.

2007.01.20, 02:18 PM
There was club28 but the link to thier website doesn't work. Search for club28 and you'll find some leads.


MINIz guy11
2007.01.20, 10:27 PM
I heard about them and all but I want to know their schedule. Anybody out there know something?
Edit: I found out some more info but still need more. club28 is closed so the next closest one is Inside Line Racing. I noticed that Z_408 is the person posting about this track and am wondering if he is still around? Does anybody else know about Inside Line racing?

MINIz guy11
2007.01.23, 02:56 PM
Anybody, anybody at all?

2007.01.25, 12:26 AM
i was in daly city a couple of years back... there was a track there club28... went there but it was closed (they open at 3pm) don't know if they're still there though...
it used to be called z club... they've got a phone number...

35 Washington St. Daly City CA
(650) 755-4661

here's a link care of spoon that lists mini-z tracks...


good luck hope this helps...

2007.01.25, 01:01 AM
er their site doesn't work...

here's another link...

2007.01.25, 02:51 AM
Hey guys. Club28 is officially closed. They closed shop about 1 month ago. There are only 3 places that I know in the S.F. area that currently have mini-z tracks:

1) Inside Line Racing ( Best track configuration and largest ) www.InsideLineRacing.com

2) HobbyTown USA in Fremont

3) All Speed Hobbies in Milbrea

4) The most mini-z parts available would be NorCal Hobbies in Union City.

MINIz guy11
2007.01.25, 02:37 PM
Ok, thanks for the answers. I contacted Inside Line Racing a few days ago and probably will go there. Does anybody else on here go there?

2007.01.26, 12:52 AM
hey roger... thanks for the update... dang club28 was just a couple of minutes away from my aunt's place... kinda sad to hear they're closed... there was a hobby shop right across... (forgot the name) are they still around?

2007.01.26, 09:57 AM
I went by Inside Line yesterday for some practice. They are having a race tomorrow night (Jan 27). They've got a very nice RCP setup, and said that they expand the track for race nights.

MINIz guy11
2007.01.26, 03:00 PM
herman, club 28 would also be a few minutes from my aunts house also.

demick, nice to hear but are you going on Feb 21 and 23? Those are the days I've decided to go to. One night of racing and one night of practice should settle me. The only thing now is how I will bring my Z cars and parts. Can I bring anything in my carry-on items or do they have to go in to luggage?

2007.01.26, 03:51 PM
Doubtful that I will be able to go on the 21 or 23. But they just started doing Wednesday night racing - and the 21st is a Wednesday, so that is probably your best bet. I don't think anyone is doing any mini-z racing on Friday nights.

MINIz guy11
2007.01.26, 05:22 PM
Yea, the 21st was the day I planned on racing and the 23rd was what I planned to meet more people on and practice more. Too bad you cant make it.... :(

2007.01.27, 02:39 AM
Herman: I believe that the hobbyshop your reffering to is R/C Tech. I haven't been there or called them in awaile, but I believe that they are still there. Lawrence and Terrance are the owners and they are super cool.

2007.01.27, 02:42 AM
minizguy: Don't put your mini-z, parts, batteries, and remote on a carry-on. Its best to put everything in your luggage with all batteries disconnected.

2007.01.28, 08:45 PM
don't forget to post some pics... :D

roger... thanks for the info

MINIz guy11
2007.01.29, 02:39 PM
Heh, will do. Anyway, I dont feel safe putting my cars with other luggage so I think the cars will go with my carry-on. I remember bringing my cars in my carry-on bunches of times so it should be safe....or they think my M8 is a bomb. :D

2007.01.29, 10:23 PM
Heh, will do. Anyway, I dont feel safe putting my cars with other luggage so I think the cars will go with my carry-on. I remember bringing my cars in my carry-on bunches of times so it should be safe....or they think my M8 is a bomb. :D

if you decide to check it in...
make sure it's properly packaged... i would usually wrap the car in bubble wrap... and follow roger's suggestions...

if you decide to carry-on...
don't bring any tools or sharp objects/parts that maybe subject to suspicion, when in doubt check it in... if you are intent on carrying it on, just bring the car and the tx... bring 2 sets of batteries just in case airport personnel ask you to turn it on to see if it works and everthing, the other set of batteries are just in case the first set doesn't work for some odd reason... that way if you get bored you can run it in the airport (which is what i did during one time).

hope this helps...