View Full Version : Track make over in vancouver!

2007.01.23, 09:56 AM
Ok here are some pictures of the new layout. I'll be putting a video together like the Track Version 2 on you tube. As seen here:


Ok before you all ask the colored tiles that are on the track racing surface will be changed this Friday. We ran out of grey, i'll also be smoothing out a few tiles as they seem to have pop'd up alittle. But it's the cloest thing to a real road track, not perfectly smooth like an RCP but completely racable and you will need to get a good setup of tires and suspension. The lanes are from 28inches wide to 36 inches wide. This track tests the best drivers.

And now for the pictures!

Looking across the track


Looking at the swicth backs, can you say rally time!?!


Mike rounded the corner markers of so if you line it up right you can skim them and not go off course. I said skim them, oh you figure it out.


We also have a pit lane the actually can be driven into and out of.


2007.01.23, 02:07 PM
looks like alot of fun!

2007.01.23, 02:43 PM
Was looking at pics of the track a couple weeks ago allready. Tryin to figure out how to do the higher elevations here also. Looks fun C