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2007.01.23, 11:43 AM
im going to be down on the southside of orlando from the 15th through the 19th of next month. im just wondering if there are any tracks i could get some time in on while im down there.

thanks in advance

2007.01.23, 02:57 PM
fasttrack hobbies in long wood its just out side of orlando!
races on fri nights racing starts at 7:30 till about 10 or later if people want to run.
its a 24x 12 carpet track
racing is free!
the track is open all the time, free!
they have a good shop of mini z parts etc!
we run 2 wd stock and mod
4 wd stock and mod if enough show other wise the let awd run with 2 wd

its a great group of guys, you will have fun!

2007.01.24, 07:52 AM
dude, thats awesome. exactly what im looking for. we are staying on the southside, but it looks like only 30 minutes or so. ill definatly be hitting them up, hopefully on friday night!

2009.01.16, 08:38 PM
It is a wonderful thing when we get a new facility and it is equally as sad when we loose one. I stopped by Fast Track Hobbies today to check on them while I was in the area only to find that they were liquidating inventory and shutting down. I never had the chance to race there but I will say that the owner did seem to be trying to get something going. Trying hard in fact. It is a shame that he just didn't seem to be cut out for retail or anything in customer service for that matter. This isn't meant to be critical of someone that I didn't know. But I did interact with him and felt like I was bothering him by trying to purchase something. To further compound this situation, another area hobby shop that kept a good supply of parts and cars is discontinuing the line of parts that they were able to sell on the coat tails of Fast Track. I talked to people at Superior that were Z racers that had sold off their cars and parts because of the environment at Fast Track. It takes more than just a track to draw and maintain the support needed to keep it going. Just because it's your business doesn't mean that you can ignore State and Federal laws pertaining to things like smoking. Language is another thing that often gets overlooked. We want to involve the kids but sometimes it is tough due to the atmosphere. Hey, we all cuss but we used to be civil enough to control it around children. Especially someone else's.

I'm sad to see it go none the less. In todays economy it will be dificult to replace. Especially in the Central Florida area.

Remember what Tim Johnson says. Support your local hobby shop cause you can't race on ebay.

These have been editorial comments based on information gathered from people standing at the door of a closed down shop and from customers of another as well as my own experiences.

2009.01.18, 03:58 PM
I thought that was funny too. smoking in the store was a little weird to see.

the good news is that there is a hobby shop in debary about 20 min north of fast track that has a track set up. they race the same nights that they were at fast track. they have lap counting and it is a fun and relaxed place. the track is set up all the time and they are always willing to help out. redline hobbies, 367531467

the other is a hobby town in sanford they have a big area in the back of the shop that they set up a rcp track. they anounce when they are going to run via email. so you have to go there and get on the sign up list. This is a hobby shop that was in ormond beach and moved to sanford. they had a very large miniz following up there but it is slow to start at there new location.

I seem to be the only one that still like racing these little cars. if there is anyone in orlando that wants to race with me you can email me and i will be more than happy to talk with you about locations and see if we can get a little league set up.

nobody is charging to race at the moment but redline is thinking about 5$ to race and then prizes or gift for the winners.



2009.01.19, 12:59 PM
I spoke with a couple of people while visiting Superior that were very interested Zer's that had sold out their gear due to conditons at Fast Track. Do some research. There is interest out there. Or maybe come to Myrtle Beach for the event that is being held on the 7th of March.

2011.03.22, 01:33 PM

I'm new to the forums and a co-worker who is a member here showed me this site, which is great by the way.

Question though. I will be in Orlando for a few days. Are there any mini z shops still around? I'm not going to take my car with me so i don't need a track, but i would like to get some parts. Any hobby shops that stock mini z parts in the Orlando area?