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2007.01.25, 05:48 PM
Hey everyone, Kamikaze Toys and Hobbies has opened up a new RCP track and GiroZ lap counting system. it's located at 3116 East Chapman Ave. Orange 92869. Come in and practice whenever we are open (times are below). Entry fees are 5$ for race and practice and the money goes toward expanding the track. we hold races on Friday nights starting around 6-7 but until more people start showing up, people just race each other for fun instead of having organized races. for more information visit http://www.kamikazercracing.com/home.htm and scroll down to see the track. it's a great load of fun, everyone knows everyone, and we all just want to have a good time.

we are open
Mon-Thurs: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Sat-Sun: 9:00AM - 5:00PM
but are often out at a race on Sundays, so I suggest calling (1-714-997-TOYS) or emailing (info@kamikazetoysandhobbies.com) ahead of time if you want to drop by on a Sunday.

Come and check it out!

2007.01.25, 07:16 PM

We have a mini-z club for kids. I've got a bunch of regulars that race at my house on Sunday. We race outside on an RCP track in Whittier 90604 area.

Are you going to start up a racing schedule? Have you considered starting up a club to race in HFAY? www.howfastareyou.com

2007.01.25, 08:39 PM
we have only just started, the original intention was so that our team can hang out and still race when it's too late to race our 1/10 and 1/8 scales, so entering in hfay will probably not happen. maybe after we have some more regulars and expand the track a racing schedule will be set up, but so far only the people who race at crystal park and revelation raceway know about it, that's why I'm getting the word out on this great forum:-D . I might drop by your club next Sunday to check it out, heard a bit about it while surfing the forums, sounds great!

2007.01.27, 02:45 AM
Ah, very nice. Im glad that team kamakaze got things started for kyohso mini-z's.

Nigel S.
2007.01.27, 04:12 AM
Yes yes everyone you heard it right, Kamikaze Toys and hobbies in Orange, CA has a RCP track laid out inside of the store. We currently use the GiroZ laptiming system and we do require purchase of a personal transponder. (it just makes everythign easier, and theyre available at the store!)

We also carry hopups for the MR-02 series by PN Racing and Kyosho.

Hope to see you guys at the shop!

2007.01.31, 10:54 PM
I might drop by your club next Sunday to check it out, heard a bit about it while surfing the forums, sounds great!

Come on by!!! Just shoot me an email and I'll send you the address.

I'll try to get by your shop as soon as I can to race with ya'all.

2007.02.01, 06:43 PM
now that I think of it, my Sundays are booked for a while, but I attend almost every friday meet, so I guess I'll see you at kamikaze sometime.

Nigel S. : how many ppl are turning up on Saturdays now? I heard that a few were racing 2 Saturdays ago

Nigel S.
2007.02.03, 05:27 PM
Saturday racing is by appointment only! :D

our friday meets is where it all goes down. as of right now our racenights are about 10-15. hoping to grow so we can expand the track some more. :)

2007.02.13, 04:55 AM
is the track open to run on on days other than the race day?

2007.07.24, 02:14 PM
Just checking in...

Is Kamakaze still racing Mini-Z's? I was puttering around on the interweb and found the website...but I can't tell if there's still Mini-Z racing going on.

2007.07.25, 06:04 AM
i do not think so. the last time and only time I want there they only had a mini-96 setup. I had to swap to stock motor because it was a small track. good for pratice tho. that was back in april i think...don't remember. good place to go if you are the 1/10 crowd.

kenon's open for free runs on Friday now if you are coming to SoCal. just gotta help Phil setup and put away the track if you are the first there or last person out.