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Phil Burr
2007.01.26, 11:18 PM
Wondering if anyone knew how to get ahold of this kat. I sent him $130 for my order, and now I can not get a response from him as to the staus of my order? Just wondering if I have anything to be worried about? Thanks for any input.


2007.01.27, 07:43 AM
did you read anything about his history here? unfrotunately, you are far from the only one going thru this. i say that because he makes a nice kit but his personal sales record here is horrible.

Phil Burr
2007.01.27, 11:30 AM
That's what I was afraid of!! He was real quick to answer questions when I was talking about ordering then as soon as I sent payment he will not respond? Live and learn I guess. I will wait paitently for awhile. Anyone know what city and state he he out of?


2007.01.27, 10:11 PM
Keep after him, I had the same problem with him. I did get my stuff but not without a lot of nagging. He is in New Hampshire. The guy should stop selling his chassis if he can't deliver without a headache. Good luck.

Phil Burr
2007.01.27, 11:01 PM
Thanks for the info.... O I'm gonna keep nagging him. It's a shame he has the rep he does, he makes such a nice product too bad it's marred by crappy customer service....



2007.01.28, 12:35 AM
I ordered my Pro-Z chassis from the Mini-Z racer shop a couple of years ago with no problems. You would have recieved it by now had you got it here at the shop.

2007.01.28, 04:01 PM
i too would only order it thru the shop here. it's the only garauntee'ed way to get it in a timely manner considering the history of personal sales.

2007.01.28, 08:56 PM
U are the only one, I order from him 8 months ago and still not receive anything. He stopped reply my email and I just told my credit card company to stop the payment. I recommend anyone who is interested in his kits just forget about it. It is a waste of time and money. DO NOT ORDER FROM PROZ!!!!

Phil Burr
2007.02.02, 10:11 PM
Sorry to keep this stupid thread alive, but the only time this guy @ ProZ emails me is after I post on here. My order was said to have shipped Monday, here it is Friday night and nada. What makes it worse he won't peply to my FRIGGIN emails. I just want an honest answer and order status. Sorry to take up bandwidth here with this but I'm doing in hopes he will contact me again........ :mad:


2007.02.04, 05:27 PM
If you read this, Scott, I sent you an email. Check it if you can, thanks!