View Full Version : 2x2 F1 FET swap w/heat sink

2007.01.27, 12:27 AM
Was asked if I could fix this, shorting caused by a loose antenna, car was equipped with the Atomic F1 aluminum motor mount and disk damper, exactly what shorted is a bit of a mystery but fortunately the steering was not fried only the mosfets and some minor pad lifting due to the excessive heat, and some melted insulation on the (-) battery wire.

Was also asked if I could give it a FET stack capable of handling the a PN Racing Anima, and thatís where it gets interesting because the metal bar that holds the antenna and spring damper gets in the way, and although I know a 2x2 of the Vishay 4562ís will handle an Anima as long as you drive intelligently Iíve never tried a 33 turn motor in an F1 so I wanted to give it all the help I could and this is what I came up with.

Functional heat sink for the 2x2 while allowing the damper to be mounted at almost the same height as it is with the stock metal bridge. Will be anodizing it to strengthen the damper/antenna screw threads then dyeing it blue to match the ownerís Atomic damper and motor mount.

2007.01.27, 08:25 AM
impressive work.

how much does the heat sink impare the fit of the body? there is styp. very little room left back there

2007.01.27, 02:04 PM
Perfect fit ;) just as if it was made to order.

2007.01.27, 04:52 PM
Perfect fit ;) just as if it was made to order.

that looks great! i didnt realize it was that melted.
thanks for the help cant wait to run her again!

2007.02.07, 01:24 PM
Finished :)