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2007.01.27, 01:09 PM
I bought an Atomic RM motor pod for my 02 chassis and the wheelbase is too short now. I bought part number AR-067-B from EGR Racing .com and now my wheelbase is too short. The sticker says it's for 90MM wheelbase; and I reckon the Nismo JGTC 350Z has a little longer wheelbase. What part do I need to order instead of this one? I like the design of this motor pod; and I don't want to get any other design. :(

2007.01.27, 10:39 PM
I searched around Atomic's site and found part number AR-054-B, which looks kinda the same, but maybe a little longer? Like it's for a longer wheelbase?

2007.01.27, 11:53 PM
Yeah, Atomic makes a 90mm rear pod and a 94mm one originally... the 90mm rear pod is like you said, 4mm shorter. Unless you make a 4mm longer t-plate, you're somewhat out of luck.

2007.01.28, 12:03 AM
Carap!! Is the 94mm motor pod the same design as the 90mm, just longer?

2007.01.28, 06:50 PM
Yes. As I mentioned, you can either make a 4mm longer t-plate, or buy the 94RM mount. I can't think of any other way to extend your wheelbase another 4mm, you're already using the last set of holes.

2007.01.29, 04:51 PM
So I guess the question is: what's the wheelbase for the AR-054-B motor pod?

2007.01.29, 08:31 PM
AR-054 is the standard size rear motor mount. You can use that for up to 94mm bodies. Here are a list of all the common motor mounts you can fit on MR020.


If you are going to run the 350Z, I like the PNracing ML mount. Atomic has a similar one too. You can have a mid motor for sharper handling.

2007.01.29, 08:50 PM
Ok, Benmlee, seriously, that link is the most helpful thing I've ever seen on this site!! Thanks!!! :D I'm going to order the AR-060 and will have an almost brand new 90MM AR-067 for sale. :cool: