View Full Version : Fool around video - Drifting on home track

2007.01.27, 10:31 PM
Shot these w/ a camera's movie mode. Just started learning to drift and I wanted to see what my drift angles were like from different spots on the track.. but ended up fooling around w/ the clips and put this together. Enjoy.


2007.01.27, 11:55 PM
Driven like a racer, nice lines and very smooth, lowcan. I'm sure you've noticed that you can turn still a little earlier to stick to a racing throttle control too. ;)

2007.01.28, 08:41 PM
you might be right. I've tried different settings and was able to achieve much more dramatic drifting angles, but it seems excessive and made the car too slow around the track (holding up traffic)

But I guess the more dramatic the better when drifting alone :)

2007.01.28, 09:39 PM
cool video locwan. smooth drifting especially with a ferrari 360 gtc.

2007.02.02, 04:17 AM
nice vid. what setup do you have? seems like the car power slide more than drifts and you get very good straight line pull. mine's setup to go into the corner at more angle. surprisingly in the turns if I can connect the drifts it's just as quick as the mr02 in the small turns.

2007.02.02, 09:33 AM
it's setup w/ a medium tight diff up front w/ loose rear diff. So initiating the drift is more difficult, but holding it is very easy.

I wanted the drifts around the track to be faster and less dramatic so that it can keep up w/ other racers that are using 6t pinion and a stock motor.

although more dramatic angles can be achieved w/ a looser diff up front, but it makes drifting in a tight track very slow. Like I mentioned though, maybe the more dramatic the better when drifting alone.. maybe I'll make another vid when I have time.

2007.02.02, 09:58 PM
Nah, drifting should never be pronounced to the point of awkwardness (like those 1/10 guys sometimes do...). Keep it like it is now, it's quite beautiful to watch.

2007.02.03, 05:35 PM
Thanks color01, following your advice then, smooth drifting it is. :cool:

I started working on this one right after I finished the first video, so no dramatic changes in the setup, just a different body. Enjoy!