View Full Version : Custom bodies for Lit

2007.01.28, 10:29 AM
Has anybody seen this photo? Somebody took a what looks like a 1/32 scale Datsun 280Z body and fitted it on the Lit. Don't know who did it, but it's from the Mini-Z Bar web site. It also looks like their useing Tagu's alloy wheels for it.
I wonder if the 1/25 scale Smart Car body from Revelle's easy kit will fit the Lit.

2007.01.29, 10:48 AM
Now that's a body that would make me want to buy a Lit.

2007.01.29, 01:16 PM
Now that's a body that would make me want to buy a Lit.

To which body ^^^ are you refering too? The Datsun, ot the Smart Car?
I was at the hobby store today where they had the Smart Car model kit, and the wheel base looks like it'll fit, but I'm afraid the Lit's wheels might be too small for the Smart.

2007.02.15, 09:12 PM
Well, been a while since I visited this thread, so I'll post an update. The Smart Car from Revell does fit the Lit. I just need to extend the wheelbase by a hair. Also, as stated in my other thread, the standard size wheels which are required for the Smart Car, fit the Lite up front, but the rear's are a tad short. I'll be taking pics tomarrow and post theme.