View Full Version : RC RACING MODEL hop up parts available in Hobby Co.

2002.04.17, 11:40 PM
sup guys from sydney????? juss lettin u guys know dat theres alot of RC RACING MODEL hop up parts at hobby co. dey have sussy parts, tires, bearings, ball diffs, casing and bearing for da motor, LEDs, alloy lock nuts, alloy wheels, motor heat sink clips, etc etc. da price is pretty cheap compare to kyosho and GPM.
da ball diffs $60 sumthin, ball bearings r $45. i bought a set of bearings and roll shock, its pretty good....make alot of difference especially da bearing!!!!

oh yah, dey also have bodies, MR2 and sumthin else. da MR2 looks pretty nice. i bought a white MR2 with carbon look bonnet.

ok laters!!!!! ;)

2002.04.18, 09:10 PM
Hey wussarp ritchie!..
Man thats kool stuff mate.. just too bad i don't have $$$... :(
Hey you know the ball diff.. what does it do in terms of performance?? Is it a big leap from stock ones, n oh yeah does it make alot of noise..?
my ball diff is really really noisey.. especially when its slowing down to enter corners...!!
Hey is that the auto scaler mr2..?? or is it the RC Racing model..and btw how much dude..!?!?!??
i wanna buy another shell.. wanna model it good!.. heheh.. s2000 maybe...?
anyways... what do you mean carbon look bonnet??
you mean it already came like that..??

ThankZ :D

2002.04.19, 12:29 AM
da ball diffs $60 sumthin, ball bearings r $45

Assuming that's Australian dollars - that's a rip off! We have those parts for almost half, it would cost less from here including shipping!

2002.04.19, 06:30 AM
Heya mini-z (nice nick!! :) )
like even though its cheaper online..
i guess its just too much of a hassle for people to order online...
and another thing.. people mightn't have a credit card.. like myself :p

2004.10.01, 01:24 AM
Hobbyco don't stock any mini-z parts anymore... :(