View Full Version : Upgrading the Lit

2007.01.28, 08:00 PM
Hello guy's. I am having fun with my little Lit. The Morris Mini Cooper body looks fabulous, and the little thing handles pretty well for it's size.
What would be the best upgrades for this micro car? Obviously, ball bearings.
Suspension kit maybe to reduce roll rate? Anybody put a Lithium pack in one? I've got a two-cell Lipo that fit's perfectly in the battery compartment, but my dad sais it wasn't designed for Lithium's, so don't use theme. Hog-wash.
Another important modification, is a longer antanna. I took mine to the local track and noticed that the range on those small loop-type antanna's was not good enough. The car stopped only half way around the track! Didn't run out of juice, just range.
Me being me, I'd like to upgrade it with everything possible for it. I'd like to do the chassis kit, ball bearings, X-speed motor, springs, and rear shock + carbon fiber H-plate.
What's your take on the Lit and what modification's do you recommend? I'll post what I find here when I do the mods.

2007.01.29, 05:29 PM
Dang it, just broke the clear front bumper on the Lit while working with the chassis. Somebody needs to make a carbon fiber replacement peice.

2007.02.01, 09:00 PM
How to make this little gem into a racer? Would love it if somebody made some wider wheels for it to help improve grip. Obviously I can get ball bearings and springs for it.
Mold a body kit onto the Mini Cooper? Where would I find those extra lights for it? You know, Mini Coopers have those Rally style lights mounted in front of the grill?
Tagu should make wider racing wheels for the Lit. That would be sweet.