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2007.02.01, 09:43 AM
We are starting with new rules in Arizona for our AZGT events. The rule is that we still run the stock fets 3004 or 3010. We are allowed to run any combination can/arm/brushes that we want.

I have a couple of the PN Speedy 05 motors that we ran at the PN Qualifier. I was thinking that I would take one of those arms and put it into an Atomic BB Can with some silver brushes.

I was of the impression that the X-Speed, Speedy 05, Atomic Stock and Standard were all 45T arms. It doesn't look like that is the case. Does anyone have a chart or spreadsheet that lists the different arms, etc..

Does anyone have input as to what would be the best combination? Can, Arm, and Brushes? Any custom wound arms that would be better than the ones listed?


2007.02.01, 11:44 AM
i would love to have a chart with various manuf. motor specs to add to the faq

Dusty Weasle
2007.02.01, 09:06 PM
Back when I was researching motors for our (now completed) Season II rules, Mojar7070 posted this excellent PDF file with a list of motors and their stats (unfortunately the Speedy turns are not known):

It was largely from this list that I selected the Pre-Approved Motors in our Season III rules (listed below).

f.7. Any motor not requiring a FET upgrade to run safely. Custom built motors are permissible with armatures of 43 turns or greater.

WARNING: 43t arms are the dangerous limit for 3010 FETs and will destroy 3004ís.

f.8. If a custom motored car suffers FET failure, the driver is disqualified for that race (A/B/Main).

Approved Motors (exempt from f.8)
----- Standard
----- Stock
----- AWD Stock
----- I-Stock
----- Stock
----- X-Speed
----- X-Speed AWD
----- FET Stock
----- Speedy NM
----- Speedy05
----- Speedy05BB
----- SpeedyAWD
----- Stage 1
----- Stage 2