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2007.02.02, 04:18 PM
For our mid month races which layout should we run? This is separate from our end of the month races which will still be the OnLine Point Series races.

I know some people would like to use this as a practice for the point series. Or if enough people are interested we could use this time for a local point series on larger tracks. Vote and let us know what you want or if I should add an option to vote on.

2007.02.04, 07:39 PM
FYI, I'm not against running a huge local point series track, I'd just also like to get more OLPS practice than an hour or so before each race. We can't seriously expect our OLPS performance to improve if we don't practice the layouts before we get together to run the mains.

2007.02.04, 07:59 PM
I am still of the mindset that irregardless of the layout if we are racing we will improve. I do seriously believe if we practice on a layout other than that months OLPS track we will see our OLPS times improve.

A couple other things to think about, and this is for anyone within the club. You guys can schedule an event without me. I can only commit myself to a max of two days a month right now but you guys can get the stuff, setup and run without me.

Or maybe we could extend the race night. After the large track is ran break down to two smaller tracks for practice.

I keep trying to convince Nicki to let me build a shed that would be large enough to hold the races. Then I can just leave the track up and we could practice anytime, someday hopefully...........

2007.02.04, 08:41 PM
If you're still having problems just making it around the track without regularly running into the walls then yes, practicing any layout will help you improve. However, if you're already able to consistently run any layout without hitting the walls then what you really need to do to improve your OLPS results is to practice the OLPS layouts. That's the only way we'll be able to perfect the line that we run and that can't be done on any other layout. I think half of our club falls into each category.

I like running the big tracks too but I'd rather practive the OLPS layouts.

2007.02.06, 01:52 PM
Since it sounds like we'll be running a large track this Saturday (and that's okay with me), may I suggest the following layout? It combines both the clockwise and counter-clockwise HFAY Season 3 Event 2 tracks.


This way we get to run a large track and practice the OLPS layouts at the same time. If this track isn't large enough we could always extend it. What does everyone think?

BTW, I like the idea of a local point series too.

2007.02.06, 02:21 PM
That is quite the layout, I like it. It looks like it will actually be a longer track than the December track we ran.

If I hadn't expressed it before, if we do a large track layout I was planning on doing just what you did, combine the clockwise and counter clockwise OLPS track into one as close as I can.

2007.02.06, 02:38 PM
I tried keeping both directions as close as possible to the OLPS layouts, joining them in a spot where there would be minimal change to the speed entering corners on each layout. Basically if you take the clockwise layout, stack it 2 tall then mirror the top one to make it counter-clockwise and then rotate it 180 degrees you get the track above, just not joined.

I'm glad you like it. I hope it works for our GTG this Saturday.

2007.02.07, 03:38 PM
One thing to keep in mind for doing a combined layout like this is what the orientation of the OLPS track will be. I think I followed about the same process as you did but started with the track oriented how we will end up running the OLPS track as the start. This is what I ended up with.


Either layout may need some more tweaking. Thoughts?

2007.02.07, 04:02 PM
keep in mind, the wider a layout is, the harder it may be to see corners at the far ends, unless you on an elevated platform or something of that nature. it may be that this doesn't effect most but it did for some of us in dc.

2007.02.07, 04:23 PM
I can see that being a problem for some. It would be best for the straightaway to be furthest away and stand closer to the more technical sections.

Grfxdan, your layout still may be a better choice. We just should rotate it 90 degrees clockwise and then it will match how the OLPS track will be oriented. That is if it will fit in the room rotated that way.

2007.02.07, 05:41 PM
...Either layout may need some more tweaking. Thoughts?
keep in mind, the wider a layout is, the harder it may be to see corners at the far ends...

Pinwc4, I think I actually like your layout better but I think Arch2b's point is a valid one. I had trouble seeing the other end of the track with the large layout that we ran in December and my track is already longer than that (I think, anyway, correct me if I'm wrong).

My layout could certainly be rotated, I just displayed it vertical for the sake of fitting in the forum better. It is the same width as 2 HFAY layouts put side-by-side and we had that setup last month so I'm sure it'll fit in the room if it's rotated.

...of course I'm open to revisions.

BTW, I managed to create some RCP tile templates in CorelDRAW around lunchtime today. I can very easily make new layouts now. If anyone else wants the file (if you have CorelDRAW) I'd be glad to share it.

I'll re-construct my layout using my new CorelDRAW tempaltes and post a new image of it rotated shortly.

2007.02.07, 06:43 PM
Here it is rotated...
...we may want to move the starting line to the left side.

2007.02.07, 08:43 PM
I don't have a preference between what pinwc4 posted and what grfxdan posted, but If it will fit in the room I definitely like it the rotated 90 degrees to be wider than it is tall.

2007.02.07, 09:16 PM
If the December track was rotated it would be about 8 feet longer than your layout Grfxdan. The Dec layout was huge, but I think the driving line was only about 8 tiles more since there were sections of track 3 tiles wide.

If we rotate it we will need to go with Grfxdan's layout as the layout I proposed will not fit.

I do agree with Draygo, with the layout of the room having a wide track may be the best choice. Workbench and racing positions didn't work as well when we ran the Dec. track.

2007.02.08, 01:50 PM
Here it is with the finish line at the left:
If anyone has CorelDRAW and would like the templates used to create the above layout just email me or send me a PM.

UPDATE: I have links posted to the files in a later reply in this thread... just go to the next page.

2007.02.08, 04:29 PM
Looks good. How did you come up with your measurements though? I came with something closer to 29.5' width.

Wish I had CorelDraw but do not. If you could easily dump them to something more interoperable like svg I could use them.

2007.02.08, 05:02 PM
Looks good. How did you come up with your measurements though? I came with something closer to 29.5' width.

Wish I had CorelDraw but do not. If you could easily dump them to something more interoperable like svg I could use them.

RCP's website says the wide L is 12'4" tall - that's 148" for 8 tiles or 18.5" per tile. I realize they're probably not all exactly 18.5" square but I figured that would probably be close enough. I then just set my scale accordingly and used CorelDRAW's dimensional tool to provide the measurements.

I've exported the file to svg format. Anyone that wants it can download the SVG or the CDR files:

RCP_Track_Designer.cdr - CorelDRAW X3 format (http://www.dansdecals.com/minizimages/RCP_Track_Designer.cdr)

RCP_Track_Designer.svg - SVG Vector format (http://www.dansdecals.com/minizimages/RCP_Track_Designer.svg)

If the 18.5" measurement isn't correct please let me know and I'll update the files to reflect the correct measurements.

2007.02.08, 05:18 PM
There is where the difference is. I used 50 cm as the width of the tiles. I will try to measure them tonight to see what that actually are.

Thanks for the SVG, I was able to use it. Now I might be able to finally do layouts from my desktop, which is a Mac. I always had to dig up a Windows computer to do layouts.

2007.02.08, 05:57 PM
The Kyosho site says they're 50cm tiles but it also gives the 12' 4" overall length for the wide L. I'm guessing the overall tile size is 50cm but that includes the interlocking teeth. To get an accurate track dimension you'd need use the measurement of a tile from one outside edge to the inside edge of the teeth on the other side, which is probably 18.5" or 47cm (approximately).

2007.02.08, 06:24 PM
Yeah I saw the measurements on RCP's site for the Wide L and they don't work out quite right. The width is 12'4" which makes the tiles 18.5" that direction but the lenght of the track says 9'8" which makes the tiles 19" that direction.

Also I tried to layout a Wide L in my theater room for practice. My theater room is 12' 6" so it should fit just fine. Unfortunately I still needed a few more inches for it to fit.

I measured the tiles and found the straights and outside corners to be 19" while the inside corners and blanks are slightly under 19 3/4".

2007.02.08, 10:57 PM
I didn't even think about it but I should have measured an L tonight. Joe set it up at DCS and we did a little car tuning. I have your track in my Jeep and will bring it Saturday. Joe's not sure what time he'll make it due to a VB tournament he has that day.

2007.02.09, 05:00 PM
After recalculating with the correct tile dimensions, the ACTUAL SIZE of my track layout would be 29'3" wide x 16'3" tall.

I just measured the useable track space in the fellowship hall (carpeted area allowing room to get around the track) and it looks like we could setup a track as large as 30' x 30' if we ever wanted to.